The show starts out with talk regarding the wildcard selections: Dane Sayers and team GSP were shocked that Marc Stevens got the nod over Sayers. Georges St-Pierre says the reason Sayers didn’t get selected was his lack of a pedigree. Dana White tries to explain it as Sayers is only going to get better but right here, right now Stevens is the better fighter and the obvious pick.

During the team GSP training session while Michael Johnson and Jonathon Brookins are training hard, Alex Caceres is having his back worked on because it’s been sore.

At the Koscheck training session Andy Main talks about the wildcard selection being bittersweet for him. Josh Koscheck thought Stevens has a lot of potential but just made a mistake and didn’t get to show it during his first fight (which only lasted 18 seconds).

Koscheck and Brad Tate (the Male Nurse) engage in a little plunger war…..

Wildcard weigh-in time and Koscheck resorts to grad school pranks once again as he pulls the pants down of Tate when everyone is walking into the weigh-ins. After the two teams sit down for the weigh-ins, Koscheck and Tate continued their trash talking feud. Koscheck can’t handle the trash talking by Tate and threatens him. That quickly turns into Koscheck choking Tate which starts a pushing match.

Dane Sayers steps in the middle and Koscheck pushes him away, pissing off Sayers who was just trying to help.

News Flash #1 – Apparently Koscheck is the victim here and St-Pierre brought in Tate to make him look bad. (Koscheck is doing a good job of that himself though)

Sayers walks out of the weigh-ins, which haven’t even happened yet because he is pissed at what just happened. The coaches follow Sayer to the back and Koscheck attempts an apology (Not very good attempt) while St-Pierre tells him it was between them not you.

News Flash #2 – According to Koscheck this is all St-Pierre’s fault! Since St-Pierre didn’t want the pressure of talking trash so he hired Brad Tate to get under the skin of Koscheck.

After the weigh-ins St-Pierre has the five fighters in the quarter-finals play a little game of survivor as one by one, each walk up and write the name of the fighter on team red they wish to fight. Caceres wants to fight Michael Johnson, Johnson wants to fight Caceres and St-Pierre wants them to fight each other.

Aaron Wilkinson gets some really bad news on the day before his wildcard fights, as he learns his “Nana” had passed away. Wilkinson says he will not leave the house but the news clearly and obviously bothers him.

Fight time and with no coaches in the fighter’s corner the place is super quiet, except for the voice of Nam Phan. Stevens gets a quick takedown right into side control, Wilkinson looking to escape but only seems to get himself in a worse spot. Stevens moves to mount, does some ground and pound that cuts Wilkinson under the right eye. With two minutes left Wilkinson reverses and gets top position but Stevens has him in an armbar. Wilkinson escapes but finds himself is danger once again with Stevens looking for a triangle choke. The round ends with Wilkinson in a loose triangle punching Stevens in the face, all while Nam Phan is telling Wilkinson he’s winning the round……

Round two opens with some weak striking and Wilkinson going for a knee that scores a takedown for Stevens. Problem is the takedown by Stevens puts him right into a very familiar guillotine choke and once Wilkinson pulls hard the fight ends.

Yes Stevens was choked out by the same exact submission, guess Dana White was wrong.

Aaron Wilkinson wins by 2nd round Submission (Guillotine)

File under NO SHIT #1 – Apparently I have to work on my Guillotine defense, says Stevens (You think)

After the fight Stevens says he couldn’t feel his legs after round one………

File under NO SHIT #2 – Maybe he wasn’t who we though he was, says Dana White (Duh)

After the fight Nik Lentz thought he would have destroyed Wilkinson and Andy Main thinks he would have put on a better fight.

Coach’s get together to talk the Quarter-finals and St-Pierre gives his pick for Caceres and Johnson to fight, but Koscheck doesn’t like that. Every fighter comes in and they all would like to fight Caceres in the quarter-finals. Dana White announces the match ups, but Koscheck is delusional yet again and thinks Dana White felt sorry for St-Pierre when making the picks.

Fight #1 – Jonathon Brookins vs. Sako Chivitchian

Fight #2 – Cody Mckenzie vs. Nam Phan

Fight #3 – Kyle Watson vs. Aaron Wilkinson

Fight #4 – Michael Johnson vs. Alex Caceres

Next Week will feature the first two quarter-final fights

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