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TUF 12 Episode 4 Recap: Bruce Leroy Pushing Buttons

| October 6, 2010 | Reply

TUF12 recap 300x176 TUF 12 Episode 4 Recap: Bruce Leroy Pushing ButtonsThe episode starts off with a look at last week’s fight and then the fighters in the house give their thoughts. Team Koscheck fighter Sevak Magakain wasn’t too pleased with “Bruce Leroy” Alex Caceres yelling “Fuck him up” and beat the shit out of him” during the fight.

In the locker room of Team GSP Michael Johnson talks about fighting in front of Mike Tyson, who then give the team a talk on confidence.

Back at the house the fighters were gathered outside talking about Bruce Leroy and his action during the fight. Team Koscheck was obviously not happy and Jeff Lentz called it ignorance, while Magakain said it was disrespectful.

While all this is happening Caceres can hear them and he finally confronts team Koscheck. Talks quickly heat up between Magakain and Caceres, who gets more and more personal. Magakain stands up and says he’ll beat Caceres ass “in the cage” to which Caceres replies, “so pick me”.

Magakain sits back down but Caceres just won’t let it go, dropping several censored words and ended with “eat a dick” that send Magakain completely over the edge and charging. Nam Phan gets up in time to grab and stop Magakain and get him into the house to chill out.

Georges St-Pierre is now parking next to a fire Hydrant so Koscheck can’t prank him.

Koscheck calls St-Pierre a nerd that talks like a robot, questions how can they lose to him.

Fight Announcement time and team GSP choose Kyle Watson to fight team Koscheck’s Andrew Main. Josh Koscheck again think the match up is a good one for his guy……

Koscheck continues to try to get inside the head of St-Pierre as he came out in his underwear, claiming they were going to be training in Speedos like GSP today. St-Pierre just laughs it off and leaves, much to the displeasure of Koscheck.

Fight day: Kyle Watson (30) 13-6, Andrew Main (21) 4-1

Round one begins and the two tough gloves. Watson lands the first good shot with a right inside leg kick followed by a left to the jaw. The two exchange some sloppy striking and clinch up with Watson pressing Main against the cage. Main reverses and moves to the back of Watson where he then jumps to his back. The fight stalls while Main looks to submit and Watson defends with wrist control until Main slips and falls. Watson gets top position after the slip and with 80 seconds left he begins to land some ground and pound. The round ends with Watson in side control dropping elbow on Main.

Main comes out fast in round two with some good knees that back up Watson. Main continues the pressure forcing Watson to retreat, but he is able to grab the legs of Main scoring the takedown. Watson passes to side control when Main misses with an up kick. Watson bring to drop elbows forcing Main to give his back in an attempt to get up, Watson gets him right back down and Main gives his back again. Watson locks in a body triangle and rolls him over with half the round left to go. Watson peppers the face a Main until he sinks in the rear naked choke at the 3:20 mark of round two.

Kyle Watson defeats Andrew Main by 2nd round Submission to advance to the next round.

Koscheck is pissed after the fight, doesn’t get into cage for his fighter. Says if Main had stuck to the game plan he would have won the fight. Koscheck walks off as Main sits along inside the cage.

Looking at next week:

  • Bruce Leroy plays a prank that backfires
  • Jon Fitch helps out team Koscheck
  • The iceman Chuck Liddell shows up

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