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TUF 12 Recap: Episode 6 Win or Die

| October 20, 2010 | Reply

TUF12 recap 6 TUF 12 Recap: Episode 6 Win or DieThe episode starts off with team GSP fighter Michael Johnson in the locker room of team Koscheck getting worked on by the chiropractor. Josh Kocheck comes in and starts talking trash at Johnson, calling him “fat” but when Johnson claims scoreboard coach Dave Camarillo kicks him out.

Team Koscheck’s training session boils down to the team talking about having control and the possible match ups. Koscheck asks Marc Stevens if he thinks he can handle Cody Mckenzie and Stevens says sure he can, but he was thinking Dane Sayers would be better. Both Koscheck and Camarillo talk about Mckenzie have a good guillotine and make sure to stay away.

Team GSP returns to the house following the defeat by Spencer Paige, talking about the disrespectful celebration team Koscheck was doing. Sure enough when team Koscheck arrives they are yelling and celebrating the win. Koscheck arrives at the house which just adds fuel the fire as the whole team follows Koscheck outside to pick on team GSP.

Amazing how with the exception of Bruce Leroy (who has been tame recently) the teams have taken on their coach’s persona.

Fight #1 Announcement:  Marc Stevens (12-5) from team Koscheck will take on Cody Mckenzie (10-0) from team GSP.

At the training session Mckenzie calls Stevens a mini Koscheck (kind of dead on) and also claims that he was never into sports, not very athletic and unorthodox as a fighter. After training ends Koscheck and Mckenzie renew their little verbal battle.

During the training session for Team Koscheck, mini Koscheck (Stevens) dips into the cliche box when talking about Mckenzie.  “He’s never fought a guy like me” and “he’s only fought bums” but then claim Mckenzie had been rubbing the housemates the wrong way and he’s ignorant and uneducated….. HUH?

Fight time now and Mckenzie tells Stevens they will not be touching gloves. Mckenzie comes out charging with a left punch followed by a right high kick that misses. Stevens goes for a single leg and gets the takedown but Mckenzie gets a guillotine, just like team Koscheck was warning him and Stevens goes to sleep just 16 seconds into the fight.

Koscheck and his team is left in shock as Cody Mckenzie wins by first round guillotine.

Georges St-Pierre inside the locker room tells his team not to play their games and talk trash.

Back in the locker room of team Koscheck you could hear a pin drop as they all sit there stunned.

Team GSP regains control and we have a quick turnaround with fight #2 Announcement: Jonathon Brookins (11-2) from team GSP will take on Sevak Magakian (8-3) from team Koscheck.

St-Pierre talks about Brookins as having potential that even Brookins doesn’t know. As the two are rolling during training though St-Pierre gets cut above his left eye that will need stitches.

Fight time again and these two fighters touch gloves as round one starts off slow with the fighters feeling things out. Brookins land a solid kick to the midsection and the two come together for a clinch. Brookins does a nice throw to take the fight to the ground where he is now in side control. Magakian starts to get up and Brookins takes his back and quickly climbs up and locks in the hooks. Magakian gets to the cage and using wrist control but Brookins is persistent and finally gets the arm under the chin and tightens the choke. Magakian tries to hold on but slowly goes from standing to the canvas where the referee checks him and stops the fight 2:03 into the fight.

Dana White is impressed with the slick BJJ as Jonathon Brookins win by first round Rear Naked Choke.

Looking at next week’s episode:

  • Last fight between Dane Sayers (team GSP) vs. Sako Chivitchian (team Koscheck)
  • The coaches will compete in a baseball challenge
  • The wildcard fighters will also be picked

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