Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 8 Blog: Fire Extinguishers and Mariachi Band

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We’re back for yet another week of Ultimate Fighter action and good fun.  This episode kicks off with the different groups in the house being highlighted, which was pretty accurate.  I don’t really enjoy playing cards but at this point I was taking what I could get for entertainment.  Akira’s need for entertainment also peaked as you get to see him shave a spot out of Caraway’s head, which in my eyes was funny and harmless, but very upsetting and unnerving for Caraway.  I really didn’t expect any less of Akira, he was a big kid and having the time of his life.  I for one appreciated his BS, it def broke up the monotony.  However, it didn’t even register on the same scale of awesomeness as the fire extinguishers and mariachi band, which was epic! To top it all off a camera man was actually carted off in an ambulance, friendly fire at its worst.

The show then gets back to the meat and potatoes of training and fighting where you get to see Dennis and Akira preparing for their upcoming fight.  This doesn’t last very long though, as the show takes a turn for the worst and jock straps start being used as weapons.  I’m not sure exactly what else to say about it, I’m seriously at a loss for words.  The garbage then continued with Akira and his heckling of Dennis before their fight, which led to him eating his words.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Akira Corassani

The fight was exactly as advertised, the classic story of a striker vs. a wrestler.  Akira landed some big shots and put Dennis on the canvas a few times but the kid kept coming.  In the end Akira wasn’t able to hold off Dennis’s onslaught and eventually got taken down and choked unconscious.  It was an entertaining fight, the result sending Dennis to the finals to the face the winner of Brandao and Caraway.

Next week we’ll see the first of the bantamweight matchups.

On a side note I apologize for these blogs getting shorter and choppier.  I’m currently training my ass off in hopes of getting a spot on the finale card.  If that’s something you’d like to see please comment here, via twitter, facebook and wherever else to help create a buzz.  Thanks for all of your support, there will be more good stuff to come!

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