Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 6 Blog: Taking Inspiration from Diego Brandao

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Episode 6 picks up after the decision is announced from Akira and Dustin’s fight and there’s more heated words and disrespect between the teams but hey, it is a competition.  This fight was a tough one for me because Akira was my teammate and “Beast” Neace and I were bunk mates and progressively becoming better friends despite his messy ways.

After his fight our friendship continued to grow because of our love for food and we became eating partners.  We shared some tasty dishes and magic moments in the kitchen.  If you’re a fan of food and fighting then look out for our cooking show coming in 2012!

The show then takes us to the next match-up, Diego vs. Siler, which pits the #1 featherweight pick against the last featherweight pick.  In this sport anyone can win on any given day but everyone had a good feeling it wasn’t going to be Siler’s day.

Diego was chomping at the bit from the moment he got there up until the second he stepped into the cage for his fight.  I took a little inspiration from his tenacity; it had been a long time since I felt the hunger I could see in his eyes.  The fight was a thirty-second Diego Brandao showcase ending with the ref stepping in after Siler ate some heavy shots.  He’s a tough kid that was just a bad style matchup for him.

The shows then moves on to the decision-making for the next bantamweight matchup, our team getting to choose because of Akira’s win.  After a little chat between the coaches and our team’s two remaining bantamweights it’s decided that John “Prince” Albert will fight John Dodson and TJ Dillashaw will get the scraps, Roland Delorme.  You also get to see Roland with a foot infection, which was ironic and seemingly fitting.

You see, a few days before my fight I ended up with a chunk of glass in my foot because Roland broke a blender in the kitchen and didn’t tell us about it.  I was pretty upset and we exchanged words… it would seem that karma came a calling.

John “Prince” Albert vs. John Dodson

This was awesome fight from the get go with both guys coming out swinging, looking for the W.  The first round was a round for the fans with back and forth action from start to finish.  There were fast paced transitions, takedowns, and lots of strikes thrown and landed by both guys.  In the end all the work being put in fatigued “Prince” and Dodson was able to edge out the rounds on the judge’s scorecards to pull out the victory.

A little behind the scenes fact for you: Prince’s ankles were wrecked the whole time we were there.  He was icing and taping them daily but in the end his training suffered and subsequently so did his cardio.  The guy was not only super talented but also a class act in and out of the ring so I look forward to seeing his return to action.

Once again it’s a shame that the show isn’t longer so they could squeeze in more of the behind the scenes action.  We were all cutting loose at this point and getting comfortable with our surroundings.  Regardless of the less than favorable outcome for me I still took a plethora of knowledge and handful of good memories from the experience.  I can’t wait until the show is finished so I can share some of those memories that didn’t make TV.  See you next week!!

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