MMA Six Pack on ICE with Chris Camozzi

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Ice is back with my brand new invention, something grabs ahold of me tightly, then I flow like a harpoon daily and nightly, will I ever stop…ok Ill stop. I am back with my award-winning series, ok I have not won any awards but I definitely should with this one. Today’s MMA six-pack on ICE is with UFC middleweight Chris Camozzi, who is fighting Luiz Cane in Brazil at UFC 153 and he took a little time out to answer some crazy questions.

Question one: You have been known as the hometown fighter, ok I just made that up, but you are usually the guy that goes to your opponents place to fight. You’re a popular fighter, so how do you feel about being the heel in Brazil?

Chris Camozzi:  I don’t mind going to enemy territory. My last few fight have been in my opponents backyard and I finished both of them, I don’t expect anything different here. I’m looking forward to enjoying a vacation in Brazil afterwards.

Question two:  How long have you been fighting, and how did you get introduced into game of MMA?

Chris Camozzi: I’ve been fighting since 2005, right after high school and one semester in college. I was a big fan of MMA and I used to buy all the tapes I could find but I didn’t expect to someday compete. Eventually being out of school I got bored and wanted to do something fun so I started training Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. My coach was in the earlier UFC’s and he asked me if I was interested in fighting. The rest is history.

Question three: What is your favorite cheat meal, and what is the first thing you eat after a victory?

Chris Camozzi: My favorite meal has to be pizza or sushi. After a victory I crave pizza more than anything! My cheat meal is Sushi because it’s a little healthier.

Question four: What do you do for downtime?

Chris Camozzi:  For downtime I love to travel with my Fiance, go to movies, drink beer, you name it.

Chris Camozzi TMNT

Turtle Power!

Question five: Who wins in a fight, Power Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Chris Camozzi: That’s not even a competition. The TMNT are way cooler than the power rangers. I mean these are giant mutant turtles with sweet ninja skills vs a bunch of whiney high school nerds in spandex. TMNT win via whatever they want. (Editor’s note: That’s officially the best answer EVER!!!)

Question six: Give me three names, someone you would like to spar with, someone you want to fight, and someone you would love to have drinks with?

Chris Camozzi: I’d spar with Jake Shields so I don’t have to get punched in the face, fight the guy that started co-ed baby showers and have drinks with Seagal for comic relief and to see if he truly believes in all of his B.S.

Wanna get to know Chris Camozzi more than follow him on twitter, facebook, and check out his cool website.

Chris Camozzi picture © Phil Lambert Photography

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