A “Great” Final Strikeforce Heavyweight bout

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Greatness is an accomplishment everyone wants in his or her life, no matter what you do or what your good at, you should always want to be the greatest at it. Daniel Cormier is great, no doubt there. Frank Mir has achieved greatness, another truth that cannot be denied. In a perfect sense, this fight can be billed under numerous ways: The young gun taking on the veteran champion; UFC & Strikeforce co-promotion becoming the next big attraction; Olympic wrestling vs. World class BJJ. Whichever way this is served, it will be a delightful treat indeed.

Holding the records for having the most fights in the UFC heavyweight division (20), the most wins (14) and most finishes (11); Mir is not a stranger to being in the main event or facing a man with dynamite in his hands. But if history tells us anything, he does not fare well against two types of fighters: strikers and wrestlers.

Being able to utilize his range, kicks and possibly rush in to clinch, work the takedown or trip to set up some jiu jitsu has always been his best chance. Engaging toe to toe with Cormier will be lights out for Mir, very similar to his last bout against UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

If he comes out on top with this win, he will have accomplished what no one else has, defeating Daniel Cormier. Losing however should call curtains for a career that is nothing to be written off. Sometimes you just need to know when hold’em as well as know when to fold’em.

Daniel Cormier Strikeforce

Strikeforce GP Winner Daniel Cormier

AKA’s star champion of the moment, Daniel Cormier is seeking a top spot inside the UFC, but before he gets into an octagon, he has one last meeting inside the hexagon. Ever since filling in on the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix and honestly before even then, he has been dangerously impressive in all of his bouts.

Being undefeated, a champion and not even looking tested in fights that have seen him compete with some of the best heavyweights in the game today, Cormier could be on the verge of super-stardom. A win over Frank Mir not only propels him into the top few names in the UFC talent pool but could warrant an immediate title shot once he signs with Dana White and Co.

For Cormier, defending jiu jitsu wouldn’t seem to be an issue if we base things off his Josh Barnett bout; he was able to diffuse the “Warmaster’s” jiu jitsu which is no joke in itself. Landing a few of his right hands will have Mir dizzy and quitting before the ref calls an end to the bout.

The two heavyweights were thought to be on the upcoming Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy card but that has since been ruled out and a date has yet to be determined. When Cormier and Mir do eventually meet, don’t sleep on the fight and certainly don’t blink.

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