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TUF 11 James Hammortree Blog – Ep. 2

James Hammortree 001 225x300 TUF 11 James Hammortree Blog Ep. 2Hello readers of MMA Valor, it’s James Hammortree and I will be blogging each and every week during the TUFF 11 season right here. I look forward to writing about my experiences inside the house and in the cage. If anyone has a question for me they can email me here and I’ll answer them at the end of my blog each week. Thanks for all the support and make sure to continue watching the Ultimate Fighter every Wednesday on Spike.

Team Picks
Tito and Chuck picked the teams, it is the craziest feeling ever, wondering when and by who you are going to be picked. All I could think was ” I sure hope i am not last pick” lol. When the coaches were picking I started thinking to myself that I really want Tito to pick me and sure enough he called my name. Though I did tell Tito before they picked that i wanted to be on his team because the way he coached on season 3 and I also think his fighting style would work well with how i fight. It was looking like things were going good for me, i wasn’t picked last and i was on team Ortiz.
First fight
My boy Clayton McKinney fights first and he is fighting Chucks #1 fighter Kyle Noke. Clayton and I had trained prior to the show and he is tough, he may not like to train much but he is still a tough dude. I thought it would be a longer fight, but hey we all get caught in things and that is what happened. He got caught and now Clayton’s shoulder is a story in its own….
Clayton hurt his shoulder a little in the fight to get in the house and got an MRI. The doctor said that it was ”a contusion” and nothing serious. Now i roomed with Clayton and he was really in a lot of pain so it was shocking to hear it was only a that. What you didn’t see is that they ordered for him to get a Cat Scan of the shoulder….. and i am not gonna ruin it but he definitely wasn’t just being a sissy. He is a tough dude and you will all see what i mean soon!
Horns and other house Sh*t-
 The horns were not as funny as they thought and yes i thought i was getting a call at my firehouse. Yager was the first person to say “don’t mess with people while they sleep” and surprise, surprise look at who woke everyone up. As the show goes on you will notice that people and tolerance for people begin to change, but there is usually the same catalyst in all the Drama. Not to mention the coaches drama is growing by the day….so stay tuned for the next episode…and my next blog….
Questions from the fans
• So what got you started in MMA?

Answer:My buddy Frank York at my fire station asked me to come in the gym to get in shape for the FireFighter Olympics. I really enjoyed it and started getting pretty good at punching people in the face…haha. 

• What was the team selection like?

Answer:Well it is nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time….McCray said it best ” Put me in the Cannon and Shoot me” it is that type of feeling, scared but ready to do the damn thing…lol.

• Were you happy to be on team Ortiz?

Answer: Yes, Tito is a great coach and really dedicated himself to making us better fighters.

• Did you think Mckinney was making a big deal over nothing regarding his shoulder?

Answer:I think Mckinney knew something was really wrong with his arm and I think he was truthful about being in as much pain as he said he was in!

Also make sure to check out Clayton McKinney’s episode 2 blog.

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My brain child is MMAValor, something I had wanted to do for a long time and finally it’s here. Been an MMA fan since TUF season one (play catch up all the time) and the obsession started to grow like a weed and as the sport grows so does the love for the sport. I’m a jack of all trades, a very organized person that rides an emotional roller coaster daily.

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  1. Danimal says:

    I’m an old friend of both yer father and mother from the old Chicago/S.W. burb daze. I just wanted you to know that we’re all behind you & rooting for you big time! This is a great season. Also happy to see that (well, so far) your staying out of the little kiddie games! I bet it’s hard to stay focused there. That Yager may be a good fighter, but someone better always comes along and makes a special point of shutting talkers up – I hope you turn out to be that one! LOL! Is it strange to know how it all ends but keep it to yourself?

  2. mmaquick2 says:

    randy couture can lean and pray vs vera and win but that guy scores mount and they still rob his ass, chuck talked those judges into that decision by saying he never landed a takedown just a sub attempt. talking to the judges should not be allowed just like in 99% of sanctioned mma fights!

    I hope you read this I am impressed with your performance. that was a bs decision

  3. mmaquick2 says:

    also look @ the henderson cerrone fight guy who attempts submission did not win that fight wrestle fucker did yet they screwed you big time man!

  4. Shane says:

    Do you have a picture of the tattoo on your back? It’s unreal ! I’ve been looking for one like that for a while, and i think you have the one ive been wanting for a long time!

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