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The next season of the popular MMA reality show The Ultimate Fighter is about to start filming and the cast of fighters is beginning to leak out. Season 11 will feature Middleweights (185lbs.) and the coaches will be Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. Here is a list of names complied from several sources none of which is the UFC itself so this should be all rumor. The first list though has been written (unconfirmed) as in the show, while the second list is names of fighters that weren’t cut at the tryouts. I want to thank my staff for doing all the leg work on this one.

[Updated] Yahoo sports has the complete cast for the upcoming season 11 of the Ultimate Fighter, the fighters in bold are in the Show.

Kasheem Peterson (1-1)
Warren Thompson (5-0)
Greg Rebello (7-1)
Marcus Vinicios (6-5)
Matt Major (6-1)

Nick Hinchliffe (11-5)
Court McGee (8-1)
Kris McCray (4-0)
JJ Ambrose (11-2)
Jacen Flynn (8-2)
Joe Henle (2-0)

Lee Brousseau (4-1)
Will Dicke (4-1)
Cory Devela (9-4)
Mario Miranda (11-0)
David “The Crow” Loiseau (18-9)
Bryan “The Beast” Baker (10-1)
Robert Drysdale (1-0)
Doug “Rhino” Marshall (11-3)
Tim “Wrecking Machine” McKenzie (12-6)
Kyacey “Ice Cold” Uscola (17-15)
Buddy Roberts (6-2)
Aaron “DaddyHerc” Stark (9-6)
Rick “The Holy Terror” Reeves (8-3)

Constantinos “Costa” Phillippou (5-1)
Brent “Coop” Cooper (5-1)
Clayton McKinney (4-1)
Woody “Dynasty” Weatherby (7-3)
Anthony Gomez (7-1)
Daniel “The Bighouse” Grandmaison (9-8)
Alijah “The Formula” Reni (4-2)
Luke “Hayabusa” Harris (3-1)
Josh Watson (2-0)
Josh Samman (3-1)
Casey Stillman (1-0)
Eli Hawkins (1-1)

Rich Attonito (7-3)
Seth Baczynski (11-5)
Charles Blanchard (7-2)
Josh Bryant (7-2)
Chris Camozzi (11-3)
James Hammortree (4-0)
Charles Lynch (6-0)
Kyle Noke (16-4-1)
Victor O’Donnell (8-1)
Narman Paraisy (5-1)
Nick Ring (10-0)
Jordan Smith (10-0)
Ben Stark (3-1)
Lyle Steffens (5-2)
Brad Tavares (4-0)
Cleburn Walker (9-3)
Jamie Yager (2-1)

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  1. MMAMoneyLine

    Pretty extensive list…thanks to all who did the legwork. It would be cool to see guys like Marshall, Loiseau, Baker & Mackenzie trying to get back to the bigtime. Drysdale would be fun to watch, but I would hate to see him turn into another version of Dean Lister.

  2. PdxMMAeXaminer

    Drysdale is not going to be on the show due to health complications. He saw a doctor and was reportedly diagnosed with a brain tumor during the medical exams for the show. Here is a quote from another MMA site…”Robert Drysdale will not be competing in this season of The Ultimate Fighter. A source at Xtreme Couture told me that a tumor was discovered in Drysdale’s head during the medicals. Drysdale has traveled to Brazil to get everything worked out and he is finally back in the states relaxing.”

  3. death before dishonor

    what up to my boys from gracie jiu-jitsu (nevada mma) buddy and rick. it will be nice to get reno nevada on the map.sorry to hear bout drysdale that sucks man. good guy he did a seminar at or other gracie school in truckke ca. wish you all the best

  4. MMAquick

    Jason Lambert is a no go

    Nick Hinchliffe, Joe Henle, Warren Thompson, Marcus Vinicios, Greg Rebello

    cleburn walker is still in the runnings for the show, I think he got the call but thats just hear say

  5. MMAquick

    Nick Hinchliffe, Joe Henle, Warren Thompson, Marcus Vinicios, Greg Rebello, Matt Major, J.J. Ambrose, Kris McCray, Kasheem Peterson, Court McGee, Lee Brousseau, Mario Miranda, Will Dicke, Cory Devela

    all seem to have made the show yet there will be a elimination fight this season I have heard

  6. PdxMMAeXaminer

    Kasheem Peterson and Mario Miranda are in, according to my sources close to both fighters. Also, Marcos Vinicius recently gave an interview to a canadian blog stating he was on the show. Although he is entertaining to watch Capoera (Spelling..) is not a viable base for a successful MMA career. Miranda, on the other hand is undefeated and a beast at 185. He has, however, had problems making weight in the past, so watch for that to come into play. If he can keep his weight stable, Mario Miranda should be a lock for the finals.

  7. PdxMMAeXaminer

    I was not aware of that, my mistake. I did, however, read a recent interview where he said, more than once, that he was in the cast of TUF 11. But, to be honest, Capoeira, although fun to watch, is not a great base for an MMA fighter, as is apparent by his 3-5 record as a pro.

  8. PdxMMAeXaminer

    5 oz’s is reporting they have confirmed Charley Lynch(6-0) and Kris McCray(5-0) as TUF 11 cast members. The one thing that surprises me here is the contract the fighters have to sign. It has a gag-clause which states they could be released and sued for $5million if they reveal themselves or any other cast members prior to the show, or spoilers during the airing of the season.

  9. PdxMMAeXaminer

    Yet another 5oz’s “exclusive” leak has Warren Thompson(5-0) as a cast member as well. I personally got to see this kid when he tried out for TUF 10, and his Muay Thai skills are sick! He has 4 subs and one KO out of his five fights, so his ground game obviously holds some merit, although he did not do that well at the tryouts for TUF 10 when grappling.

  10. ninjaface

    yah the Thompson guys muay thai is nasty. He has decent ground game at least a decent guard game. so who knows wut that may lead to. From his website i think he just has been training jitz consistantly for a little while. His Thai trainer Legend Khunpon Dechkampu is world renound and His bjj coach Roberto Traven are shur to get this kid ready.

  11. Jeff Howard

    Yet another 5oz’s “exclusive” leak is that Cleburn Walker is in as well. Walker is 9-4 with all wins and losses coming via stoppage…

  12. Jeff Howard has reported that Victor O’Donnell is a cast member as well. 8-1 with 7 subs, 1 doctors stoppage TKO, one loss via decision.

  13. NE MMA

    I know most of the New England fighters and it’s awesome that Greg Rebello made it on, it’s his third time trying out. However it would be sweet to see Josh Watson, Eli Hawkins and Woody Weatherby make it on too. Being in the MMA circuit in New England, I’d have to say that Eli Hawkins has the ability to go the furthest out of the New England fighters who have tried out, due to his strength and kick boxing expertise.

  14. CoutureRules!!!!!!!!!!

    im guessing Nick Hinchliffe lost his elimination fight….hes rumored to be fighting march 6th in Victoria, BC as of like a week ago or less.

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