Fantasy MMA Growing as the Sport Continues to Grow

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Fantasy sports is “bigtime” these days, Fantasy Football along has changed how people watch the sport. As Martial Arts continue to play the part of the “fastest growing sport in the world,” more and more fantasy MMA sites are offering a place for fans to immerse themselves deeper into the sport.

Fantasy MMA Growing As The Sport Continues To Grow

Sites like Kountermove, MMA Playground, MMA Fantasy Fever and Fenichels Fantasy Fight League all offer fans something different. Some are for bragging rights while others offer up a reward for those who have what it takes. Whether it’s picking the correct round and method or selecting a roster of fighters, these sites give fans yet another reason to watch MMA.

Fantasy MMA Growing As The Sport Continues To Grow

One of the new kids on the block is Fenichels Fantasy Fight League (FFFL), who offers fans a tried and true scoring method, unique season format and a prize any fan would want at the end of each season.

Fantasy MMA Growing As The Sport Continues To Grow

“The FFFL has 4 seasons a year, and each season costs $21.50 to enter.  For every UFC card during a season, you predict the winner of each fight, whether the fight is going to end in a KO, submission, or decision, and in what round the fight is going to end.  You also pick who you believe will win the fight, submission, and knockout of the night.  You receive points for each correct prediction.  Point values are different based on where on the card the fight is.  Main event fights are worth the most, and preliminary fights are worth the least.  At the end of each season, the person with the most cumulative points wins two tickets to a UFC Pay Per View event, including hotel and airfare.  Other prizes are also given out during the season for each card,” explains FFFL founder David Fenichel.

FFFL just had its inaugural season come to an end and they are now preparing for their second season which starts on April 1st and runs until June 30th.  For those that enjoy fantasy sports and want a chance to win a trip to a UFC Pay Per View, FFFL is a fun new fantasy league that has what you’re looking for.

To sign up for season two head over to

Let us know if you'd like to see more articles on other Fantasy MMA sites and what they have to offer.

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