There has been much talk surrounding former UFC fighter Vinny Magalhaes having won five consecutive fights and a possible return to the Octagon. Magalhaes last fought for M-1 Global where he won the promotions light heavyweight championship and made one title defense over six months ago.

With his contract with M-1 Global expired and some bad blood between the two sides, Vinny Magalhaes is a free agent and ready to fight elsewhere. Fans of Magalhaes have been petitioning to Dana White and the UFC to bring him back but there has been no movement from the Magalhaes camp regarding where he’ll be fighting next.

Today the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace addressed his fans via twitter to explain why he hasn’t signed with anyone yet and when it might actually happen.

“I’d like to clarify for those who are wondering why I haven’t been scheduled to fight or haven’t been signed by any promotion yet.

I AM done with my contract obligations with M-1 Global, I am a free agent, that means that I’m free to take offers from any promotion, but since I finished my contract as M-1 Light Heavyweight Champion, I had champions clause on my contract, that gave M-1 Global a 60 days “Right to Exclusive negotiation”, which was over in March (When I became free agent). Now I’m under the “right-to-match period” which will be over in couple months.

For those who don’t know, that means that whatever offer I get from any other promotion, M-1 Global will have the right to match that same offer, and if they do it, I’m ‘obligated’ to resign with them. So I have decided to NOT take any offer from any other promotion until the right to match period ends, so I can just walk away from M-1 Global, and take whatever offer I choose to, after that period is over without having to worry about the threats that Evgeni Kogan made to me and my manager by email, which was “to match whatever offer I get just to prove a point” (basically saying that he’d want to keep me under contract just to f**k with me, excuse my language).

So with me not taking any offer, there’s no offer for him to match, therefore I just have to wait for the right-to-match period to end, so I can sign with whatever promotion that I want to sign without having to deal with bullshit.

That period ends sometime in July, so if you’re wondering when I will be fighting again, I cannot give you that answer, but In July I should be signed and scheduled to fight somewhere. As soon as I take an offer AFTER that period ends, I will find that out.”

For now fans will have to wait but when Vinny Magalhaes gets past the matching period he should have several options, including the UFC and Bellator in front of him and considering the current roster that Bellator has at light heavyweight, they could really use Magalhaes.

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