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LFC 17With Bellator moving to its new night of Thursday, Last not belonged to Legacy Fighting Championship 17 which aired live on ASX TV. The event was headlined by former UFC fighter Pete Sprat taking on one of the original Bellator fighters, Dan Hornbuckle. Legacy Fighting Championship 17 took place at the Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, Texas and the six bout main card followed a four bout preliminary card.

155 lbs.: James “Deuce” King vs. Rey Trujillo:

Round 1: One two and a pair of kicks from Trujillo to start. Superman punch and a hard flurry land, but not flush. King throwing heavy leather back and a brawl breaks out against the cage.  Both men land a few but King is wobbled by a two piece.  Trujillo backs up and wings an overhand left and a stiff right hook that drops King face down.  Somewhat fast stoppage as the ref immediately jumps in, but no complaints from King.

Rey Trujillo wins via 1st Round KO (right hook)

135 lbs.: Patrick Ybarra vs. Billy Buch:

Round 1: Variety of kicks from Buch as he comes forward hard. Ybarra pushes his opponent to the cage and starts ripping shovel hooks to the liver, along with stiff knee strikes, though one strays to the groin.  Action resumes with a left hook from Ybarra and a rush forward to work clinch again. A flying armbar out of nowhere and Ybarra busts Buch’s arm before Buch can tap.

Patrick Ybarra wins via 1st round Submission (flying armbar)

145 lbs.: Rey Rodriguez vs. Johnny Ray Rodriguez:

Round 1: Short feeling out process before Rey launches a few wild punches, but is countered and power slammed by JR into half guard. JR passes to side control and to mount, where he unloads jackhammer punches into Rey as he defends.  Rey kicks off the fence and flips the pair of fighters over completely, winding up in JR’s guard. JR sits up and tries to work a guillotine, but no dice as Rey lands elbows and hammerfists. Fast transition from JR and he has an armbar and flips Rey with it. Rey fights the inevitable for as long as he can, but eventually taps.

Johnny Ray Rodriguez wins via 1st round submission (armbar)

153 lbs.: Kevin Aguilar vs. Nick Gonzalez:

Round 1: Aguilar presser with probing shots early. Gonzalez fires back in the pocket. A Leg kick from Aguilar and then an exchange between the two. Double left hook from Gonzalez lands. Aguilar closes distance again and lands solid shots and closes with a leg kick. Two straight rights from Aguilar land as Gonzalez is looking to get his timing. Left hook and body kick from Aguilar has Gonzalez hurt briefly.  Gonzalez finding his timing and avoiding most of the shots now, but isn’t throwing anything himself.  Aguilar goes for a takedown but can’t find anything and retreats with punches from both men on the break. Round ends shortly after. 10-9 Aguilar

Round 2: Mid kick from Aguilar lands and a lot of punches miss on both sides. Aguilar goes for a takedown and gets it against the fence briefly, then follows with a body lock takedown that does little for him.  Back to standing, and Gonzalez goes for a single of his own but is rebuffed. Few shots land for Gonzalez, but little mustard on them. Aguilar is using kicks almost exclusively at this point as Gonzalez is stuck on the outside. Stiff left by Gonzalez lands and a right straight from Aguilar hits him back. Strip takedown by Aguilar and he has Gonzalez’s back in a scramble working an RNC. Gonzalez fights back with back elbows to his opponents face and Aguilar gives up on the choke and throws punches to end the round. 10-9 Aguilar

Round 3: Slow start to the second round as neither guy looking to rush in. Gonzalez pushing the action now with Aguilar throwing counters with both men landing shots. Fast single from Aguilar and has Gonzalez back and then mount, but Gonzalez gets half guard back. Aguilar working elbows from top half guard and takes Gonzalez back in a scramble, locking an RNC on. Choke isn’t there so Aguilar throws punches and tries to frame it up again. Gonzalez gets back to half guard and then stands up against the fence, but Aguilar hits another single. Gonzalez works a guillotine but can’t get it and Aguilar pressures with wrestling to close out the match. 10-9 Aguilar

Kevin Aguilar wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

HVY: Jared Rosholt vs. Richard Odoms:

Round 1: Odoms runs in with punches and Rosholt hits an instant takedown into his guard, and finds side control twenty seconds into the fight. Rosholt working for a loose crucifix while dropping elbows and hammerfists on Odoms. Rosholt working a keylock but Odoms defends and works to stand.  Rosholt working a harness and takes Odom down to his stomach again, then takes the back and works uppercuts. Odom up and Rosholt working a body lock against the cage then a high crotch slam. Odoms up and Rosholt with the body lock again, holding position against the cage. Trip takedown from Rosholt and takes the back, working punches again. Odoms looks bewildered as Rosholt uses traditional wrestling holds to control him. RNC by Rosholt but he gives it up to keep position as Odoms moves to get up. Harness from Rosholt as he puts weight on his opponent from the back. 10-9 Rosholt

Round 2: Punches from both men and Rosholt hits a takedown in ten seconds again into Odoms’ guard.  Odom’s is bleeding badly from his eye, likely from a headbutt during the takedown.  Rosholt pushing Odoms into the cage and landing short punches as Odoms bleeds like crazy and the fight is restarted standing. Odoms lands a right hand and Rosholt shoots for a takedown but is repelled for the first time.  Another body lock and another takedown though from Rosholt moments later and the NCAA runner-up is well in control on the mat. Rosholt is landing soft punches and content to hold position in Odoms half guard. Boos start and Rosholt picks up the pace with hard uppercuts to the crimson face of Odoms and now Rosholt takes his back again. 30 seconds left and Rosholt mounts before Odoms rolls and gives his back again. 10-9 Rosholt

Round 3: Odoms goes for a takedown of his own and it fails miserably and Rosholt rides him to the mat on top, getting a crucifix right away. Elbows and punches from Rosholt as Odoms sprays blood all over the mat and rolls around under Rosholt. Back control from Rosholt as he works more punches and is content to win a decision it seems as Odoms has literally nothing to offer.  Odoms scrambles and Rosholt is in half guard now and then mount and back control again as Odoms moves every which direction except up to his feet. Fight ends in non-spectacular fashion 10-9 Rosholt

Jared Rosholt wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

170 lbs.: Dan Hornbuckle vs. Pete Spratt:

Legacy Fighting Championship 17 Dan Hornbuckle

Dan Hornbuckle

Round 1: Jab and leg kick from Hornbuckle early. A leaping knee lands for Hornbuckle and Spratt scores with a leaping left hook. Spratt is switching his stance and dancing on the outside. Solid mid kick by Hornbuckle and Spratt returns it. Flashing right hand and looping left from Spratt land and he follows with a takedown attempt that Hornbuckle halts immediately. Hornbuckle is holding a guillotine and throwing knees and they break. Spratt misses a right hand but lands a low kick and a straight left before a push kick from Hornbuckle lands. Huge mid kick from Spratt and Hornbuckle backs Spratt up with a pair of hooks. Despite being 42 years old, Spratt is clearly the faster fighter. Hard jab from Hornbuckle and he’s getting back to basic boxing here. Fighters trading leg kicks now from the outside and Spratt almost hits the mat as his knee buckles on an inside kick. Hook from Hornbuckle and leg kick land to close the round. 10-9 Spratt

Round 2: Hornbuckle starts with a leg kick and some feints to keep distance. Another leg kick almost drops Spratt. Hornbuckle catches a midkick and punches Spratt off his feet but can’t capitalize before Spratt rolls and stands. Uppercut and hook from Spratt tag Hornbuckle, who answers with a knee that grazes the head. An uppercut to the body lands from Spratt who is now doing a Roy Jones Jr. impression. Right hand drops Spratt as he was off-balance on a kick. Spratt fires a leaping overhand that hits Hornbuckle. Action slows a little as both fighters are looking for their openings. Leaping knee from Hornbuckle followed by a right hand from Spratt. A left and then a right headkick from Hornbuckle, but only the right would land with any meaningful impact. 10-9 Hornbuckle

Round 3: Kicks from Hornbuckle on all levels and jabs to keep Spratt outside. Spratt with no real output as Hornbuckle kicks the legs. Takedown from Hornbuckle gets Spratt down, but Spratt is up within a few seconds. Backfist from Spratt lands, as do leg kicks from Hornbuckle. Some knees from Hornbuckle as Spratt comes in with a flurry against the cage. Multiple punches are flying, but Hornbuckle is covering and using a shoulder roll to avoid most of the damage. Head kick from Hornbuckle largely blocked followed by a takedown that stalls out on the fence. A mid kick from Spratt and Hornbuckle starts working a furious jab. Neither guy really going for it in the last-minute, despite being a very close fight. Spratt goes with a flurry and finishes with a muay thai trip takedown. 10-9 Hornbuckle in what should be a very close bout.

Dan Hornbuckle wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Un-aired Legacy Fighting Championship 17 Preliminary card results:

205 lbs.: Daniel Jolly defeated Larry Hopkins by 1st rd. Submission (RNC)

165 lbs.: Chris Lopez defeated Melvin Jordan by Decision

145 lbs.: Jamal Emmers defeated Ernest De La Cruz by Decision

185 lbs.: Marco Hernandez defeated Cameron Martin by 1st rd. Submission (RNC)

The promotion doesn’t have much time to recover from Legacy Fighting Championship 17 as they must get ready for LFC 18 set for the Arena Theatre in Houston, Texas on March 1st.

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