TUF 11 James Hammortree Blog ep.3

Last night in episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter James Hammortree was selected to fight Brad Tavares. The fight was a grueling 3 round fight that went to the judges twice with Tavares coming away with a victory. The fight was close but after two rounds I thought Hammortree won, then I also thought he won the 3rd round. You’ll see Hammortree handled the defeat well and understands he should have never let it get in the judges hands. Remember that if you have any questions for James Hammortree you can email him here.

First things first….Chris Cammozi is a Champ…he was a great training partner and it was a big loss for team Ortiz…Not many people will train and get punched and kicked while having a broken jaw…and he knew it was broke and didn’t tell anyone so that he would have a chance to fight but Dana made a good call cause I Chris could have been really messed up.
Chris leaving and Clayton losing the first fight team morale was down a lot. I was definitely wanting to change all that with a win over brad…
I thought the fight itself was fun to watch. With that being said I could talk about how I thought i won and or how the judges were not watching the same fight but the bottom line is i left it in the hands of the judges and I should not have let that happen. I wish it would have went different but Brad fought hard too and he came out on top that day…I can only prepare for the future and look to be more dominant in the cage!

Fans Questions       

Did you think Chuck was going to pick you for his team?
Answer – I thought Tito would pick me due to him kinda coaching me and me listening to him in the fight to get in the house…but i think chuck was looking at me too..haha
Did you think your fight was going to a 3rd round?
Answer – I definitely thought that i won the fight at the end of the second round…but The judges had it different….I shouldn’t have left it to them…
What did Tito tell you after you lost?
Answer – Tito told me that i fought with all my heart and he couldn’t ask for more out of a fighter…Tito is a great guy and i think of him as a friend..

Note: James Hammortree will be writing a weekly blog of his experiences during the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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