The Road to the TUF Finals can be Followed Through the Blogs

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Tonight a new “Ultimate Fighter” will be crowned as team GSP members, Jonathan Brookins takes on Michael Johnson. The matchup arguably puts the two best fighters of the season against one another, but months ago could anyone have predicted that these two fighters would be in the finals.

At first glance the answer would be NO; just looking at the fighter’s record and who they have fought would have little help towards your predictions. The key to predicting which fighters will make it to the finals is to check if and where they are blogging at. It’s not going to tell you who will win the six figure contract but it will get you, with a pretty high degree of accuracy the four fighters that will make up the semi-finals.

Since season six of the Ultimate Fighter, MMA / Sports website have featured fighters from the current season in a weekly blog. Fighters are assigned to those sites that have properly requested a fighter to blog for their website. It’s also not a coincidence that every winner since the sixth season has been blogging for a website.

After the first season (season six) of fighter’s blogging, the number of sites and fighters participating has grown. Season six featured only two fighter’s blogging while season 11 featured the largest number of fighter’s blogging with 11. The current season that is set to wrap up tonight took at bit of a hit as the number of fighters dropped down to only seven fighter’s blogging.

The sheer number of fighter’s that blog are depended on the willingness of the fighter’s themselves to blog. That being said though, since season seven the top four fighters have almost always blogged and when they do, it’s usually for one of the big dogs.

 When you really think about it though it shouldn’t surprise anyone, those sites can promote the fighter’s the best and also deserve it, but does it take the surprise out the season?

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