Who will Brock Lesnar face in his 2011 return?

Just two months ago, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (5-2) lost his belt to Cain Velasquez (9-0) at UFC 121. The first round TKO left the former WWE superstar battered, bloody and lying on the canvas.  

In the two months since his defeat, Lesnar has been very low profile, almost to the point of hiding. Some of this is due to the three medical suspensions he was handed following the TKO that amounted to lofty 180 days pending clearance by an ophthalmologist. The very least Lesnar will be suspended though is 60 days for his left cheek laceration with no contact allowed. What this all Means is he is not really hiding but more or less healing and recovering.

The 60 day suspension ends today (December 22, 2010) which means if an ophthalmologist has already cleared Lesnar he could theoretically begin training tomorrow. Needing time to get back into training, work on some of the things he needs to improve and a proper training camp, Lesnar could possibly fight in May or June of 2011.

The bigger question then when will Lesnar return is who will the UFC put him against in his return. There is a short list of possible opponents but timing is everything:

Frank Mir – The two have already fought twice and Dana White was close to setting up the rubber match but fans weren’t too thrilled so Mir is rumored to be facing Brendan Schaub next in March. Mir is practically obsessed with fighting Lesnar again so a third fight is possible.

Roy Nelson – A Lesnar vs. Big Country match up has been talked about but with his contract issues being in limbo right now no one really knows when he’ll return to action. 

Shane Carwin – A rematch here is a very long shot because Carwin is out of action till the middle of 2011 as he is recovering from back surgery.

Cheick Kongo – Last fought at UFC 120 against Travis Browne which ended in a draw. He hasn’t done well when facing the top-level in the heavyweight division but might make for a good comeback fight for Lesnar.

Mirko Cro Cop – Out until April due to the medical suspension from his UFC 119 KO lose to Frank Mir. The fight might have been better if Cro Cop was like four years younger but none the less the match up would still be interesting.

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5 Responses to Who will Brock Lesnar face in his 2011 return?

  1. fightman says:

    None of the above. What you guys seem to forget is that there is always up and coming new talent in the UFC. All due respect to those fighters listed above but they have all had a shot or have not beaten anyone or won a fight recently. With Brocks return not untill mid to late 2011 his competition at that point would most likely be Stefan Struve. With the Skyscraper pulling out an impressive win over Sean McCorkel he has been launched into the spotlight and after one more fight he should be ready for a Title shot. Struve offers a new dimension that Lesnar has yet to face, a distinct height and reach advantage. Stefan also offers a never give up attitude and a chin that had been put to the test on several occasions. So for the question at hand, if and when Brock Lesnar desides to return i believe he will be put to the test against the Skyscraper, Stefan Struve

  2. @Fightman
    LOL Well man we didn’t forget about “the new Talent” but the UFC is not gonna put Brock up against a unproven new guy. Lesnar makes too much money and will most likely headline the card he is on. As for the Skyscraper….. We didn’t forget him but he ruled himself out by saying he would like to bulk up too 280 before fighting the “BIG” guys in the heavyweight div. or he would have made the list.
    Here is the link http://www.mmafighting.com/2010/12/14/stefan-struve-wants-to-get-to-280-pounds-for-lesnar-carwin-etc/

  3. Ren_D says:

    Dana isn’t going to sacrifice Struve to Brock just yet, he is more of a prospect that comes back from adversity. Brock would tear him to shreds right now – was a good list…

  4. Who will Brock Lesnar face in his 2011 return? :MMAValor…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  5. shahzad hussain says:

    brock is one of the best wrestler the person who will face him will be that who cause to out him from wwe

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