Pat Barry Snaps Losing Streak with KO at UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller


Pat Barry made quite the statement at the UFC on the FX 1: Guillard vs. Miller under card, as he was yet again matched up against a much larger opponent with a sizable advantage in height, weight, and reach. Standing at 5′-11” puts Barry in this position more often than not, but he always shows the heart of a lion, and a willingness to fight until there’s either nothing left in him, someone taps out, or somebody gets KO’d.

Pat Barry’s bout against Christian Morecraft displayed the tenacity that is required to win at any cost in Mixed Martial Arts.

Even though the bout didn’t pass round one, there was still a ton of action that transpired, and it appeared as though Morecraft was going to end the fight quickly as he gained a superior position on Barry in a ground scramble. Morecraft attempted to submit Barry with multiple attempts for a rear naked choke finish, but Pat weathered the storm and got the fight back up to its feet where he could land some damaging strikes. Barry dropped Christian with a quick strike and pounded him out with a flurry of strikes to earn the knockout victory.

Now that the UFC heavyweight division is starting to pick up so much momentum with the debut of Alistair Overeem, who subsequently earned a title shot against Junior Dos Santos. Along with the imminent return of former champ Cain Velasquez and the debuts of former Strikeforce heavyweight competitors Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Fabricio Werdum there is plenty of options out there for Barry.

Since they have reportedly canceled the rumored match-up between “Bigfoot” vs. Velasquez, and Frank Mir has supposedly replaced Silva, why not a put Barry in there against Silva? It would continue his streak of fighting guys who are freakishly larger than him not to mention be extremely entertaining to watch.

Whatever is next for “HD” the striker showed tonight that his once non-existed ground game is coming along and the fighter standing across from him knows that he’ll be in for a fight.

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