Matt Hamill will be facing Jon Jones Saturday Dec. 5th in the main event at the TUF Finale. His sponsor Kimurawear has a great looking “signature” t-shirt for him with the American flag and two hammers on the front. The guys at Kimurawear were nice enough to give me one for a giveaway to the readers / fans of MMA Valor. I’m not going to just give the shirt away though, you’re going to have to work a little for it. What I want from you guys & gals is to tell me in the comments section why you should get this t-shirt. The contest will run until Dec. 4th and I will announce the winner the day of Hamill’s fight on the 5th. You’ll need to register on the site to leave a comment unless you already have registered, then your good to go.

FYI I don’t want to hear you’re MMA’s biggest fan, be creative and original too.

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