A Black eye for WMMA: Cristiane Santos tests positive for Steroids

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Although the decision was hers, and hers alone, Cristiane ‘Cyborg‘ Santos’ choice to use steroids to progress her career has left WMMA with an unwanted, and sorely unneeded black eye. The results of her drug test from her December 17th bout has created a whirlwind of press concerning the matter. Just hours after the announcement, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker issued what appeared to be a prepared statement in reference to Santos’ test results.

Strikeforce has not seen the test results regarding Ms. Santos. However, we have a consistent and strong stance against any use of performance-enhancing drugs. We also have a long history of supporting effective drug testing of athletes by authorized regulatory bodies. “Therefore, we will closely monitor the matter and will work with the California State Athletic Commission regarding any information we may be asked to provide. We also recognize that Ms. Santos has administrative process rights under California law and we hope that she is not prejudged before she has the opportunity to exercise such rights,” said Coker.

UFC president Dana White has taken a more direct approach in issuing his remarks, by stating that Cyborg will simply be stripped of her title. Fans are now left to speculate as to whether or not Santos’ achievements were chemically enhanced, clouding the luster from all of her impressive victories that could soon fade into obscurity. WMMA is having a hard enough time trying to break through to “all” MMA fans as it is. It’s now up to the rest of the female combatants out there to continue to progress the popularity of WMMA, in the wake of this controversy.

It is only fair for athletes caught doping to get the chance to save their careers by being required to enter a drug abuse treatment program the soonest possible time.

Cyborg has released a public statement, claiming that a supplement used in the assistance of weight cutting is to blame for the positive test result. Only time will tell as to what will become of this scenario but in the meantime, Santos’ victory over Hiroko Yamanaka has been ruled a no contest.

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