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Ian McCall vs. Demetrious Johnson Part 2 Likely for TUF Live Finale

| March 15, 2012 | Reply

The flyweight bout between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson at the UFC on FX 2 is one of the most controversial moments in MMA so far 2012. The first fight in the UFC Flyweight Tournament Semi Finals, seemed to be exactly what the UFC expected during the course of the fight, as the organization preemptively promoted the newest weight class as potentially the most action packed division in the UFC. The contest was rapidly paced, and McCall and Johnson went back and forth until the 3rd round, where “Uncle Creepy” seemingly took over, and started to dominate Johnson for the remainder of the bout.

After three rounds, the fight was declared a majority decision in favor of Demetrious Johnson, which elicited such an unfavorable response, that FX had to mute the broadcast so that their television viewers couldn’t hear the unpleasant remarks being chanted by the angry crowd. Ironically it was discovered soon after the fight, that the scorecards had been tabulated incorrectly, and that the fight was actually a draw. The draw should have brought into effect the “sudden death” round clause that they made each flyweight tourney participant sign before their bouts, which stipulated that if the fight were to go the distance, and is scored a draw, then a final 4th sudden death round was to be implemented to determine a decisive victor.

This one minor miscalculation prevented the McCall/Johnson fight from continuing, and now that the ruling has been changed from a majority decision, to a majority draw and McCall and Johnson will meet again to find out who will face Joseph Benavidez for the first UFC flyweight championship match.

With Benavidez waiting for a winner, the UFC didn’t beat around the bush when getting to the heart of this matter, and it appears as that “Uncle Creepy” vs. “Mighty Mouse” 2 will go down at the season finale for the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX, which is schedule for sometime in June.

Photo courtesy of the UFC

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