TUF 11 Clayton McKinney ep. 7 blog

This was obviously a crazy season as far as injuries go.  This episode shows Nick Rings knee injury.  Nick became a friend of mine over the season and told me he had 3 knee surgeries prior to the show.  Ive only had one knee surgery myself and mine isn’t the same, so I can only imagine how Nicks are after multiple operations. 
The Fight

The Seth Baczynski and Geico (Joe Henle) fight was a good one.  It was an exciting fight to watch, both guys left everything in the cage.  That’s gotta be an amazing feeling for Seth knowing that he was already sent home and had that second chance.  I was very happy for him!  Joe is a real tough guy and trains very hard.  He keeps a very clean diet to be able to fight at middleweight so you gotta give him respect for that.  I believe he weighed around 235 when we left the house.  hahaha
Wild Card picks & Injury Replacement

As far as the wildcard goes I think Dana did a good job.  The way everything panned out worked well for the situation that was at hand.  We all wanted that wildcard but almost everyone was injured. The injury replacement was also a good call on Dana’s part.  We didn’t understand it at first but like I said it works best for the situation.
Fans Questions

Has the show made to rethink the weight class you are fighting in?
As far as rethinking my weight class goes.  I plan on staying at 185 for now unless the opportunity is just too great at 170.  I’m walking around at 215 right now so welterweight is a long way away. hahaha

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