TUF 11 episode 9-11 leaked or Wikipedia bull??

spoiler TUF 11 episode 9 11 leaked or Wikipedia bull??Today of Wikipedia on the Ultimate Fighter Season 11 page episodes 9 thru 11 were filled in with great detail. If you don’t know how wikipedia works the info provided is done so be anyone and not immediately verified. Whomever wrote this though laid out the rest of the season, including the quarter finals and semifinals plus went into the Tito Ortiz leaving situation and Rich Franklin stepping in. Posting something like this needs to be accompanied by a WARNING that this info has not been proven to be correct and should be looked at as pure speculation

Disclaimer:  All info above was taken from Wikipedia and MMA Valor is just reporting what is being written on the Ultimate Fighter season 11 page on Wikipedia and not that below events have actually happened.


Episode 9:

  • Kyle Noke defeated Kris McCray via unanimous decision after two rounds
  • Tito Ortiz leaves the show as a result of a family issue. A furious Chuck Liddell calls out Tito after Noke defeats McCray, almost resulting in a brawl. Liddell has to be restrained by his assistant coaches and fighters wile Tito is removed from the scene. Rich Franklin steps in as Tito’s replacement.
  • Brad Tavares defeated Seth Baczynski via TKO (strikes) at 1:31 in round 3. There was controversy among the house that the fight should not have gone to a third round, as Team Ortiz/Franklin, and even Dana White believed that Seth had won both rounds. The judges scored the fight 19-19, 20-18, and 19-18 for a majority draw after two rounds.

Episode 10:

  • Both Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin speak with Dana White and agree to face each other at UFC 115. Franklin’s fighters are divided, as some believe Rich is a better coach than Ortiz while some disagree. Rich Franklin has trouble with Jamie Yager’s immature behavior and speaks with Yager privately. The meeting had positive results as Yager apologized and shook hands with Franklin.
  • A freak accident during training causes James Hammortree to hurt his back again. It is determined by both Dana White and Rich Franklin that Hammortree will not participate in further training.
  • Jamie Yager defeated Josh Bryant via split decision at the end of round 3. Yager is visibly bothered that one judge gave Josh the fight.

The semi final matchups are announced as:

  • Jamie Yager vs. Court McGee
  • Kyle Noke vs. Brad Tavares

Episode 11:

  • Jamie Yager is still bothered that one of the judges scored his previous bout with Josh Bryant in Bryant’s favor. Seth Baczynski accuses Yager of being lucky and afraid, and the two get in to a verbal confrontation. Kris McCray tells Yager to focus on his upcoming fight with Court McGee instead of dwelling on a past performance. Despite this, Yager seems distraught and unfocused still.
  • Joe Henle tries to campaign for another shot with the UFC by pleading to Dana White. While impressed with Henle’s toughness and desire to fight, White admits to being annoyed with Henle’s pleas.
  • Kyle Noke defeated Brad Tavares via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:19 of round 1.
  • Jamie Yager defeated Court McGee via KO (punches) at :34 of round 1. (Note: This originally said Court McGee defeated Jamie Yager)

The final fight for the Ultimate Fighter Season 11 is announced as:

  • Kyle Noke vs. Jamie Yager / Court McGee

[update] If you haven’t been watching, the question has been answered and it was Wikipedia Bull!

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5 Responses to TUF 11 episode 9-11 leaked or Wikipedia bull??

  1. MMAIceman says:

    I hope its court not side show bob.

  2. casey says:

    @ killjoy when it says spoiler it is assumed that it is facts……not a crazy guess at what you want to happen..

  3. killjoy_ says:

    yes and no there man. I understand what you are saying though and have changed the title. The results have nothing to do with what I want it was what was published on wikipedia

  4. welllookslikeitswrongq says:

    well lol GUESS ITS NOT TRUE after all, already filled with incorrect information : D

  5. killjoy_ says:

    I guess not huh.

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