Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 2 Blog: GAME ON!

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First things first, yea, I said it.  Hot diggity damn is right, I was fired up.  The last episode left off with me and fifteen others winning our fights to get in the house so I was pumped. Again, my hats off to my opponent, Karsten Lenjoint, he fought a hell of a fight.  I can guarantee you’ll see more from him in the future. 

Episode two starts with the sixteen winners, including myself, moving into a 15,000 sq. ft. house with a pool, hot tub, and FULLY STOCKED FRIDGE… So I’ll reiterate, Hot Diggity Damn! After our grand celebratory barbecue the show then takes us to The Ultimate Fighter training center where team selection happens. The level of talent on this season of TUF is off the charts.  As you watched on the opening episode, Steven “Super” Siler, the guy that beat Micah Miller, is picked last for the featherweights!  That in itself is a testament to the talent pool that the show pulled from, as Micah was an early featherweight favorite and a damn talented fighter.

Our first few training sessions on Team Bisping were intense to say the least.  I ended up with that nice strawberry on my forehead going for a takedown and cheese grating my face into the fence, good times!  The thing is that you have to train hard because fighting is hard and there will be no easy wins in this house! And honestly, would you expect any different from eight professional fighters thrown together on a team away from everyone they know, love and trust for six weeks.  GAME ON!

Marcus Brimage vs. Bryan Caraway

The fight between Marcus and Bryan was very interesting stylistically and had some really exciting spots.  It was a blast to watch live and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, especially when Marcus escaped back to his feet and tried to do DAMAGE!  In the end Caraway’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu game along with his toughness just proved to be too much for Marcus, but he made for a hell of an exciting fight regardless.  Personally, I’m still a big fan of clashing styles in MMA.  I think it adds diversity and excitement to the sport so I commend Marcus for his stand and bang game plan.  I was entertained sir, well done.

As for the tires in our dressing room, let it be noted that they drew first blood.  BWAH HA HAH HA!

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3 Responses to Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 2 Blog: GAME ON!

  1. Marie Jackson says:

    The funniest part about the tires was the way Bipsing took control and just kicked the door in. Too funny!

  2. Then stood on the tires while talking to Miller, trying to make a funny. LMAO

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