Chael Sonnen Took the Quiet Approach Heading into UFC 136

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A Silver Star Recipient, former WEC light heavyweight champion, U.S. Marine Core Captain and undefeated UFC Middleweight Star. This is a man who even a gangster from Oregon can respect.

The name Chael Sonnen has become synonymous with trash talking in MMA circles ever since the highly publicized lead up to his title fight with some guy name Anderson Silva. Yet leading up to his heavily anticipated return to the Octagon we haven’t heard a whole lot out of the Team Quest standout. Sonnen, a fighter who is as American as it gets, has gone on record saying he’s penciled in Brian Stann for President when he hits the voting booth. If you’re looking for trash talk between these two all you’ll find is more trademark Anderson Silva/Nogeuira Bros. quips from the self-proclaimed Peoples Champion. This fight between Sonnen and Stann in Houston tomorrow is all about the , well, it’s all about the fight.

Brian Stann has reinvented himself at  Middleweight since he got overworked (understatement) at 205 by Mr. Wonderful himself Phil Davis. Chael Sonnen is no stranger to the Light Heavyweight division having made his UFC debut against Renato “Babalu” Sobral a lifetime or two ago. So not to get everyone’s mind in the gutter or anything but in this contest size certainly doesn’t matter.

If you’ve watched the “All American” in any of his first three fights at Middleweight you may have been scared for any and everyone at 185. If Sonnen and his over sized 3XL gloves decided to keep this a stand affair with the Captain it’ll be a short night. While Sonnen will flirt with the stand up game early he ultimately knows his key to victory is his wrestling. In a three Round fight against anyone at middleweight Chael has the edge there and unless Stann has been training exclusively in arm triangle submissions he’s going to have problems.

Go ahead and make plans for Super Saturday 2012 Silva vs. Sonnen II. Potato Skins, Drumsticks, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Meatball Calzones, etc. Regardless of the outcome expect a blue-collar effort from both of these warriors in a fight that is the unofficial UFC 136 headliner in many folks minds.

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