UFC Website Hacked by Nazi Group [Updated]


If you turned to the Ultimate Fighting Championships website today to check out Friday’s UFC on FX results you’d be shocked at what actually appeared. The biggest MMA promotion in the world had its website hacked today by a Nazi group. So you don’t have to see for yourself, below you’ll see a screen shot of what UFC.com looked like during the hack.

UFC Website Hacked By Nazi Group [Updated]

Screenshot of UFC.com during hack

No word on why a Nazi group would hack the UFC website or for how long the site was not showing fighters stats but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a statement from the UFC soon.

[UPDATE #1] The UFC website was down for most of Sunday (1/22/12) but approximately an hour after this article was posted the website was completely down and the redirect to the above screen was gone. As on Monday morning though the UFC website is back up and running.

[UPDATE #2] The UFC finally issued a statement today regarding the website being hacker……

“On Sunday, January 22nd, the UFC.com website was redirected by a criminal hacker to another website,” a statement provided to MMA Fighting read. “The UFC website was quickly restored to the control of the UFC, and there is no evidence suggesting that any confidential information belonging to the company or its customers was compromised by the re-direction of the website. UFC representatives are continuing to investigate the matter and are working with law enforcement agents to prosecute those involved.”

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UFC Website Hacked By Nazi Group [Updated]
UFC Website Hacked By Nazi Group [Updated]

2 Responses to UFC Website Hacked by Nazi Group [Updated]

  1. saoådiasd says:

    OMG you must be retarded or something…

    The hackers are not racists or nazis you idiot.

    You seriously can´t see the connection with UFC-SOPA-POLICE STATE-GOVERNEMNT-NAZI-GERMANY?

    That is why they posted a picture of Hitler because SOPA and all other bullshit laws is like when Hitler was at the helm.

  2. Hey Saoadiasd

    You want to pretend you’re smarter then someone go on a gameshow or something. We understand that it was due to the UFC support of SOPA but when your redirected to a website with the word NAZI in it and not SOPA that what gets written at that time. Sorry you can’t comprehend that……

    Oh, thanks for the comment!

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