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Drug induced tragedy gets wrongly related to MMA

temple of doom flaming heart Drug induced tragedy gets wrongly related to MMA

Mola Ram (Indiana Jones & the Temple of dome)

Last week news came out of Klamath, California of a man going Mola Ram (temple of dome) on some guy and ripped out his heart. Police found the 26-year-old Jarrod Wyatt standing naked over his friend’s body with parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered room. Wyatt and his friend Taylor Powell had ingested wild mushroom tea earlier in the day which made Wyatt believe his friend was possessed by the devil. Hallucinating off mushrooms Wyatt did things so evil and gruesome it was like a scene right out of a horror movie.

A very tragic story to say the least and Wyatt and the Powell family will forever be changed because of it. Wyatt has been charged with first-degree murder and torture but his lawyer pleads it was the mushrooms, seriously!

Ok this is an MMA website and I’m sure you are wondering why this is even on the website. Well Jarrod Wyatt was a “cage fighter” and even though the fact he fought in a cage once or twice has nothing to do with his actions, some news sites are bringing that to the forefront of the story. Take this articles title from the UK “American cage fighter rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil”. I don’t know about you but if I read this I’d think he ripped his heart out in the gym during training, but we all know that’s not what happened. The whole story has absolutely nothing to do with MMA and the fact that a high profile newspaper website wrote that headline is ridiculous. I will not include a link to that article as I do not want to promote that garbage but here is a link to the whole story and what was used for reference.

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4 Responses to Drug induced tragedy gets wrongly related to MMA

  1. mmaiceman says:

    great pic for this

  2. killjoy_ says:

    I had to lighten things up a little, such a insane story.

  3. i remember reading about this insane story. it’s ridiculous how the “cage fighter” was brought into light. The media just needed to bring people in to read this story.

  4. killjoy_ says:

    I know the story is crazy but to throw in there the “cage fighter” is just stupid.

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