The Ultimate Fighter 16 Episode 10 Recap: Two advance to the Semifinals

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The Ultimate Fighter 16 FinaleAfter Roy nelson threw Mike Ricci under the bus in last week’s episode on The Ultimate Fighter 16, things get started off this week with more fallout. Mike Hill is upset that “his boy” called him out and is now ready to throw down with his fellow Canadian. Ricci on the other hand just wanted to defeat Team Nelson’s number two pick after already knocking off their first pick.

In the first quarterfinal bout two Team Carwin fighters will square off so each fighter was able to pick a coach for their corner and both fighters are taking it like professionals. Their teammates, roommates and bunk mates but they know what they are he for and the first quarterfinal bout is ready to go!

Bristol Marunde (Team Carwin) vs. Neil Magny (Team Carwin)

In round one Magney used his reach to keep Marunde at length, working him a part with the jab. Marunde did get a takedown two minutes into the fight but was unable to do much with it and Magney got back up and continued with the jab. Round two saw much of the same thing as before but Murande was getting inside more, unfortunately for him there wasn’t much behind his punches. He did score another takedown but again didn’t capitalize on it and as the round neared its end Magney reversed and ended the round on top.

Neil Magney (Team Carwin) advances to the semifinals via Unanimous Decision.

At the weigh-ins for the second quarterfinal match Igor Araujo blows up after Colton Smith said something to him during the stare down. Smith egged him on and before you know it the coaches, or shall we say Team Carwin it breaking things up between the two. All the while Roy Nelson is sitting there thinking its funny, once again showing how much he cares.

 Igor Araujo (Team Carwin) vs. Colton Smith (Team Nelson)

Igor tried to take the wrestler down in round one and that backfired on him and he found himself with his back on the canvas. Colton looked for submission and a little ground and pound and should have easily won the round. Colton dominated round two after getting a takedown right way. He wasn’t able to get close to finishing of Igor but the fight never got back to standing.

Colton Smith (Team Nelson) advances to the semifinals via Unanimous Decision.

Two more fights go the distance and next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 16 will see the last two quarterfinal bouts as well as Dana White announces the semifinal match ups.

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