It’s a slow week, so let’s plan out the future for Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva UFC134 poster 271x200 Its a slow week, so lets plan out the future for Anderson SilvaSo UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is set to sign a new 10 fight deal with the UFC. Yes I said 10 fights, yes the guy is the number one pound for pound fighter in the world, yes he’s undefeated while in the UFC, but at 37, 38 by the time he fights again, can he even last that long?

At the rate Silva is going now, 10 more fights would take him about five years. So if Anderson makes it the whole contract, he will be 43 years old. Now I am not at all saying that he won’t be on top of his game, and still reigning champion, but father time is the only undefeated fighter. No one, even the mighty Spider can defeat that guy.

Anderson Silva and his crew, have laid out a few opportunities in the last few days on who the champ is looking forward to fighting. I want to lay out his fight card for the remaining contract, or at least as far as I think he will make it. I don’t see the reigning pound for pound king fighting past a loss, so let’s see what we can come up with.

First up should be, Michael Bisping, that is if he gets past Vitor Belfort. As good as Bisping has been of late, I don’t see the Spider having any problem with the Brit.

Next up, will probably be, Chris Weidman. With Alan Belcher and Tim Boetsch losing this past weekend, that clears the way for Weidman to heal up and get a “tune-up” fight in before he can get his paws on Anderson Silva. Weidman is GREAT at wrestling, but Silva has shown that he has improved his take down skills. Just like before, Spider breezes through this one.

At this point that would put Silva on a 19 fight winning streak with 12 middleweight title defenses.

After these two fights, it gets a little cloudy at the top of the division. Belcher and Boetsch were on track to get at the champ, but recent losses, and injuries may have them sidelined for a while. So unless a clear-cut contender comes out of the pack, Anderson will push for that “super fight” with Georges St. Pierre. As stated earlier, we have to look at time again. So with two fights down, it will more than likely be at least a year from now, before we see the talks begin between Anderson and GSP. So if it goes down and the two actually get in the cage, we are talking spring/summer or 2014. Silva will more than likely get past GSP, basically because of his size difference.

After the GSP fight, Anderson Silva will want to get at Mr. Jon Jones. Now this fight can only happen if we assume both fighters are still undefeated, so let’s do that. It also assumes that Jones doesn’t have a growth spurt and move up to HW.  If Anderson stays injury free, and wants to push this fight, we could arguably see the Silva/Jones fight on the NYE card of 2014. Again, I see the much more experienced fighter win.

Four fights into the contract, two “super fights” down and we still see an undefeated Anderson Silva, but at near 40, will he still want to push this pace or will he ride out into the sunset as the greatest fighter ever? The latter is where I will put my money. With a record of 37-4 and several UFC records in hand, Anderson Silva will take his belt along with his 21 fight winning streak and head towards the sunset as the great of all time!

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  1. I just want to see GSP vs Silva.

    Sadly I know it won’t happen now. GSP doesn’t want the fight. If it does happen I see it going down like Chuck vs Wandy, 4 years too late.

    You would think with the Manny vs Mayweather fight falling through there would be some urgency and understanding that you got to make these fights when they are there or they will be gone.

  2. I think there is the urgency from the UFC but GSP doesn’t want to move up to 185 just for one fight. Anderson Silva is a big middleweight which is way he can fight at light heavyweight as well, ok that and he is really good. But that size is the issue GSP likely has and would also be the reason he’d likely lose. Lets hope we can get Silva vs. Jon Jones…..

    Thanks for the comments BTW

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