TUF 17 Episode 6 Recap: Too much Talking!

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The Ultimate Fighter 17 (TUF 17)Coming off the loss to Kelvin Gastelum last week, Team Jones is already talking about Bubba McDaniel being one of the TUF 17 wildcard fighters to get a second chance. Team Sonnen has won three of the four bouts so far and picked Tor Troeng to take on Josh Samman in hopes of keeping control.

During Team Sonnen’s training session Uriah Hall and Luke Barnatt get into an altercation when during sparring in which Barnett felt he was going a bit too hard. In front of the camera Barnatt goes off on Hall being a horrible teammate and completely ego driven.

Samman is holding backyard training sessions with some of the Team Jones fighters and has been nicknamed “the dad” by a few. This awkward title for a house full of guys can only be surpassed by actually watching Samman unknowing play the part. Not everyone on his team thinks it’s funny and his mister know it all attitude is beginning to wear on some.

As Adam Cella said best “Josh is Josh’s biggest fan.”

At the house Gilbert Smith sits with most of the Team Sonnen fights and talks about the remaining matchup and who they would like to fight. Maybe still dealing with their little altercation, Uriah Hall says he’d like to fight Luke Barnatt. This comment bugs the other fighters on Team Sonnen and further separates Hall from his team.

While the rest of Team Sonnen is downstairs complaining about Hall and wondering if he even wants to be a part of the team, Hall is upstairs with several of the Team Jones fighters. Smith tries to stir up more trouble by suggesting Hall should just move over to Team Jones. Hall is getting frustrated and once again puts his foot into his mouth and has to back pedal.

The fighters get a little break from the norm by going bowling at the Red Rock. At the bowling alley Chael Sonnen challenges Jon Jones to see who can get the highest score in three frames. The loser will have to wear the other team’s jersey during a training session. The two coaches go head to head in a per-coaches challenge and Sonnen wins one for the bad guys 37-35.

Fight Time: Tor Troeng vs. Josh Samman

Round One: After touching gloves Samman puts the pressure on Troeng and puts him against the cage. The two work the clinch for a little over a minute until Troeng gets a takedown. Troeng doesn’t take advantage of the position and ends up getting reversed and back standing. Samman again pushes forward and lands a combination that drops Troeng to the canvas like a sack of potatoes. The referee steps in and Samman struts off with the victory.

Josh Samman wins by first round Technical knockout

The win by Samman gives Team Jones control but more importantly give Samman more things to talk about. Now with the control Team Jones picks their number one selection, Clint Hester to take on Jimmy Quinlan from Team Sonnen. Tune in next week for the classic Striker (Hester) versus Grappler (Quinlan).

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