Ultimate Fighter 17 Episode 3 Recap: Scary Knockout Alert!

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Ultimate Fighter 17Tonight’s fight was hyped up during the final seconds of last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 17 as having a crazy finish. The Sonnen’s Uriah Hall was taking on Adam Cella of Team Jones and if the previews are correct, these two strikers produce a hell of an ending.

After the fight was announced, Cella tells his opponent that they might have the best fight of the season. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if that’s true. Kevin Casey, who was called out by Bubba McDaniel right after Luke Barnatt knocked out Gilbert Smith, thought it was a weak of him to do that right after the fight, but sort of says they will eventually fight.

Hall and the several other fighters are hanging out and Josh Samman corrected Hall, which struck a chord from his past and pissed him off. Hall talks of the tough times he had growing up after moving here from Jamaica and being called stupid and bullied.

Cella makes it a point to say that he doesn’t need the money, doesn’t need to be here, he just wants to! On the other hand, Hall needs this, has nothing to fall back on should he loss, yet feel he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fight Time: Uriah Hall (Team Sonnen) vs. Adam Cella (Team Jones)

Round one – The two come out throwing like everyone predicted and are have some good early exchanges. Hall is the more explosive fighter but is leaving an opening as he backs up and Cella makes him pay a few times with overhand rights. Hall would get a takedown off catching a kick from Cella but the fight does not stay there very long. That takedown though seems to give Hall more confidence and he gets his kicks going, two of which knock Cella of balance and to the canvas. Lots of back and forth action between the two throughout the fight but they turn it up as the round nears its end. With just 5 seconds left, Hall threw a spinning back kick that landed flush to the face of Cella and knocks him out in brutal fashion. With a hard thud Cella drops to the canvas and is laying on his back breathing loud and irregularly. Hall looks on as the medical staff check on Cella and says “I’m sorry Adam.”

Uriah Hall wins by first round knockout

Cella would eventually sit up and the two fighters would embrace. After the fight Cella was taken to the hospital for a CT scan and his coach Jon Jones went with him.

The win by Hall means Team Sonnen retains control of the fight selection and they pick Kevin Casey to fight Colin Hart from Team Jones. Much to the dismay of Bubba McDaniel who was doing everything he could to fight Casey. Tune in to next week episode of The Ultimate Fighter 17 to see if Team Sonnen keeps control and how Adam Cella is doing after that knockout.

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