MMA Rankings for December 2012

Things have been slow the last few months with regards to change amongst the MMA rankings. Injuries to champions and top fighters along with dominate champions have limited the movement but things are beginning to pick up. In November the UFC saw one of its champions return to action after a long layoff due to injury and the final month of the year will see many highly ranked … [Read more...]

Future Betting Odds: The Many Potential Opponents for Georges St-Pierre

On November 17th, after a 19 month layoff due to a knee injury, Georges St-Pierre returned to his division to unify the titles. Taking on a game challenger in Carlos Condit at UFC 154, GSP showed that not only was he back in fighting form, he was perhaps even better than he left. We saw not only his pure athletic abilities and prowess in different aspects of MMA itself, but the … [Read more...]

The MMA Valor Review: November 11-17 2012

As MMA continues to grow so does the news coming out of the sport, which at times seems overwhelming. MMA news comes at fans from every direction and sometimes that news gets lost in the shuffle. Then you hear someone and wonder when that news was announced and are constantly searching for the actual story, only to discover it was posted weeks ago. … [Read more...]