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Legacy FC 14Though the new season of The Ultimate Fighter started tonight, Legacy Fighting Championship presented Legacy FC 14 from the Arena Theatre in Houston, Texas. The event aired live on AXSTV and featured an interim welterweight title fight between Jeff Rexroad and Lucas Pimenta as the current champion, Jorge Patino had to withdraw due to injury.

Darrion Caldwell vs. David Armas: (3×3 Rounds)

Round 1:

This is the Pro debut for NCAA wrestling phenom Darrion Caldwell. Fast start from Caldwell as the heavy favorite rushes in with a flying knee and a fast clinch takedown. Armas holding a closed guard against the wrestling ace, but loses side control after Caldwell stands and uses a slick step-over maneuver.  Caldwell mounts with a minute and change left and works short punches on a purely defensive Armas.  Armas gives his back after taking a stiff punch and finds no relief, transitioning from being mounted and back mounted. Escaping to his feet, Armas is quickly taken back down into side control, eating limited offense on the mat.  10-9 Caldwell

Round 2:

Wild jumping attacks from Armas end with his once against on the mat under Caldwell, whom immediately takes Armas back off a scramble. Caldwell showing he’s an expert wrestler but lacks the particulars of submission grappling with faulty hook on Armas’ back. No escape for Armas as he attempts to roll and sit up several times, stalling in bottom half guard before the referee stands them up. Wild punches from Caldwell before another easy takedown into half guard to finish the round. 10-9 Caldwell

Round 3:

More jumping nonsense from both men before a driving double leg from Caldwell finds the fight on the mat within seconds. Caldwell is working from quarter position and working for hooks that he can’t seem to find while working a rare full nelson. Knees and limited offense from Caldwell from quarter before the referee stands both fighters. Another wild punch and takedown into half guard by Caldwell with a minute left. Transition to side control and the fight goes the distance. 10-9 Caldwell

Judges score this bout unanimously 30-27×3 for Darrion Caldwell

“Danger” Matt Schnell vs. Ryan Hollis: (3×3 rounds)

Round 1:

Now for the Pro debut for Matt Schnell from MTV Caged. A few exchanges on the feet and a quick trip by Schnell puts the fight to the mat, but Hollis springs back up. Lots of rangy attacks being thrown by both men, with Hollis getting the better of the kicking offense. Quick counter punch by Hollis lands hard on the charging Schnell. Schnell is rushing forward and trying to turn this into a dog fight with both men landing. Schnell gets a single leg and finishes on top. 10-9 Hollis

Round 2:

Hollis trying to hold range on the wild charging Schnell by using his jab and kick arsenal. Schnell starting to get his range down but Hollis lands an amazing side kick to the face. Schnell rushes and lands a high crotch takedown and takes side control in a scramble. Hollis using quick hips to regain a half butterfly guard, but Schnell ends the round on top. 10-9 Schnell

Round 3:

Hollis working a plethora of kick attacks as Schnell looks for a window of opportunity. Schnell kicks the rear leg out from Hollis and takes top position on a wildly scrambling Hollis. Hollis attacking with punches from his back and throwing up triangles. Schnell takes side control but finds himself in an inverted triangle, but fights out. Hollis attacking from guard with more punches and triangle attempts.  Schnell working the ground and pound, but is missing the mark more often than not. Schnell appears to be saved by the bell as Hollis locks on an armbar in the last second. Great debut for both flyweights. 10-9 Hollis

Judges score this bout a split decision, 29-28 x2, 28-29 in favor of “Danger” Matt Schnell.

Lester Batres vs. Jonathan Harris: (3×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Harris catches a kick and forces the fight into the cage. Both men are brawling hard and turning each other against the cage, with Batres landing massive knees, while Harris trades him right uppercuts.  Batres getting the best of the clinch attack, working a deep under hook and thai clinch while throwing knees to the body. A low knee pauses the fight and gives Harris time to recover and regroup. Fight resumes with Harris charging with punches, but Harris is reversed against the cage. Both men flurry but Harris catches a right cross and crumples. Batres puts an exclamation point on the fight with a few ground strikes, but the bout is over.

Lester Betres wins via 1st round KO (right cross and uppercuts)

Brandon Farran vs. Derrick Krantz: (3×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Farran lands a sharp one-two, but Krantz clinches and pushes him to the fence. Farran uses Krantz forward pressure to a fast hip toss, but Krantz floats into an inverted triangle attempt. Krantz gives up the submission and works to turn Farran onto his back, but settles into an awkward RNC. Farran seems lost and finds himself tapping to the off-sides RNC choke a minute into the fight.

Derrick Krantz wins by 1st round submission (RNC)

Cody Williams vs. Steven Peterson: (3×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Lots of movement from both men but with no action as Williams and Peterson just circle. Peterson lunges with a straight knee and the men exchange a flurry, with Williams clipping Peterson’s chin, sending him the canvas. Peterson survives and tries to grab a takedown but aborts and both men return to their feet. Williams lands an overhand right, resets and throws another that once again dumps Peterson, but he recovers and resorts to his wrestling. Both men standing again with Peterson seeming to be unconcerned with the frequency Williams is finding his chin. Action has slowed as Peterson is unwilling to engage for the moment. Solid switch kick to the body by Peterson but he eats another right hand and is wobbled. Peterson hunting for another takedown, but is stuffed and fight returns to standing. A wild exchange from both men and a slip by Williams from a head kick brings the fight to the ground. Peterson follows and works for a kimura, rolling Williams over and over in pursuit of the submission. Peterson switches to a straight armbar and loses it as Williams escapes. The fight is back to standing with more exchanges of heavy leather. Peterson has no fear as he moves forward on the smaller Williams and avoids the counter punches. The fighters exchange to the bell. Exciting first round! Williams 10-9

Round 2:

Peterson starting a bit more conservatively, throwing jabs and long kicks. Williams lands a flush left hook, but Peterson is no worse for wear. Peterson finally using his reach intelligently, but Williams wades in and punches Peterson across the cage with an overhand right. The two men exchange yet again and Williams hurts Peterson with two hooks and stalks him around the cage. Peterson shoots under a looping punch and gets the single leg takedown, transitioning to side control on the winded Williams. Peterson working elbows from all angles and eventually moves to a crucifix, but loses it and allows Williams to his feet. The fighters clinch and Peterson hits a belly to belly suplex, and then locks on a straight armbar, but Williams defends smartly, despite being gassed. Now Williams is inside Peterson’s guard, but Peterson locks on a omaplata and finishes Williams with it.

Steven Peterson wins via 2nd round submission (omaplata)

Josh Sampo vs. Antonio Banuelos: (3×5 rounds)

Round 1:

Sampo is working the inside leg kicks and short punches. Step knee by Sampo lands on Banuelos, who appears to be looking for a massive counter punch on Sampo. Sampo landing the better shots early, both on the inside and out. Stiff right hand by Sampo lands as Banuelos seems a step behind here. Banuelos finally catches Sampo and lands a double leg against the fence and into half guard. Sampo is working for a kimura from bottom half before abandoning it and escaping to his feet. Quick takedown by Banuelos but Sampo hops up. Hard clinch knee from Sampo backs Banuelos up. Sampo winning the few exchanges thus far, as Banuelos is trying to react, rather than take the offensive. Fast takedown by Sampo puts Banuelos on the mat where Sampo finishes the round with a transition to mount. 10-9 Sampo

Legacy FC14 Antonio Banuelos

Antonio Banuelos

Round 2:

Both men are throwing strikes early, but nothing lands. Jab and step knee land for Sampo, who is stalking Banuelos. Left hook by Sampo, who is fading away from all of Banuelos offense. Overhand lands for Banuelos, followed by a hard jab. Banuelos is having a lot of trouble with the range and air balling 95% of his attacks. Fighters hit the cage and exchange, where Banuelos clubs Sampo and then looks for a takedown, which is denied. A four count of knees from Sampo lands and causes damage to Banuelos face. Sampo is cutting off the cage and stalking. Vicious uppercut lands for Sampo, who evades the counter. Banuelos clinches, turns Sampo, and lands an uppercut and left hook as he breaks away.  Superman punch from Sampo drops Banuelos, more out of surprise than any injury, and the round ends.  10-9 Sampo

Round 3:

Sampo comes in with a step knee and eats a counter left. Sampo stalking and landing counters when Banuelos charges forward. Banuelos is bleeding from the left eye from a counter strike. Banuelos has no answers for Sampo’s movement and steady offense. Counter right lands for Banuelos and the men exchange with success for both. Left hook makes Banuelos stumble and lands another in an exchange.  Blood pouring out of Banuelos face as he’s giving this fight away. Mid kick by Banuelos and a one-two with a high kick follows. Sampo fades away from Banuelos last bit of offense and raises his hands as the bell rings. 10-9 Sampo

Judges score the bout 30-27×3 for Josh Sampo

Jeff Rexroad vs. Lucas Pimenta: (3×5 rounds)

Legacy FC14 Jeff Rexroad

Jeff Rexroad

Round 1:

Hard leg kick by Pimenta starts the Legacy FC 14 main event. Pimenta is pumping the jab well outside of range, while Rexroad is throwing wild and outside of range. Pimenta lunges with a right and lands a three-piece that wobbles Rexroad. Pimenta pursues and Rexroad snatches a leg off a knee and trips Pimenta to the mat briefly. Guillotine by Rexroad but Pimenta slips and swarms with inside boxing. Pimenta pressures against the fence and working a deep underhook and head pressure before securing a body lock. Referee breaks the fight after a moment and fighters circle. Pimenta lands another lunging punch and pushes Rexroad to the fence, where Rexroad complains of an eye poke. Action is paused and doctor checks Rexroad’s eye, which was cut with the punch. Action resumes and Pimenta lands a hard leg kick, followed by a right hook and a takedown on the wobbled Rexroad. Pimenta working ground and pound but Rexroad escapes. Pimenta unloads and Rexroad is hurt, but still in the game as Pimenta clinches and gets a takedown into side control. Pimenta throwing punches and mounts his dazed opponent, but Rexroad gets guard back before the bell. 10-9 Pimenta

Round 2:

Rexroad comes out throwing hard punches and kicks, backing Pimenta up. Pimenta looking to set up a counter as Rexroad follows, but settles for a clinch, jockeying Rexroad against the fence. Pimenta is applying pressure against the fence, but getting nothing done here. Fighters briefly break and exchange before Pimenta resumes the clinch, but referee breaks soon after. Pimenta ducks under a punch and lands a sloppy takedown into Rexroad’s guard, whom works a rubber guard. Rexroad locks on a pillory choke and throws the leg over to lock on a variation of a pillory choke and triangle, causing the utterly trapped Pimenta to tap to the unorthodox move.

Jeff Rexroad wins by 2nd round submission (pillory triangle)

Legacy FC14 Jeff Rexroad

Jeff Rexroad became to LFC interim Champion

Look for more Legacy FC 14 coverage in the coming days.

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