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Shark Fights 18: Nelson vs. Wetherspoon Live Play by Play

Tonight from the John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Reno, Nevada is Shark Fights 18 and though you cannot watch the fights live tonight, we got you covered with live play-by-play. Starting at 7pm PT / 10pm ET the 8 bout fight card will get under way. Headlined by former UFC fighter Shane Nelson you can follow all the nights action right here.

Currently internet is down here. Shark fights is working hard to get it going. Once they do we will post results and play by play. Still no internet so giving results via smart phone until its fixed. Finally we have the internet and only missed the undercard for live play by play.


185 lbs.: Justin Cutler (0-0) vs. Scott Rosa (0-0)

Rosa is the home town fighter but Culter has a solid group behind him too.

R1: Rosa comes out in Muay Thai stance, but both fighters start off heavy with the kicks. Cutler put Rosa against the cage but Rosa sinks in a standing choke and Cutler gets out of but is clearly weak. Rosa takes advantage of the weakness and land several shots that bloodies Cutler. The round ends with Rosa scoring a takedown right into full mount.

R2: Rosa lands two big knees to the face of Cutler to open the round. Cutler pushes Rosa on the cage but Rosa locks in a modified guillotine choke. Cutler tries to escapes but ends up mounted and tapping.

Scott Rosa by 2nd round Submission (Guilotine)

160 lbs.: Anthony Avila (4-1) vs. Ben Santiago (3-2)

R1: Santiago comes out throwing some high flying kicks, Avila clinches and takes the fight down. The team alpha male fighter starts looking for the choke but Avila defends it well and the get separate. Santiago is cut above the right eye and gets rocked badly and gets saved by the bell.

R2: Santiago looks to have recovered from the end of the first round. Avila clinches again and slams Santiago down and takes his back. The round once again saves Santiago as Avila had one arm in for a rear naked choke.

R3: Avila showing good counter punching as Santiago comes out aggressive. Avila gets another takedown and has the back of Santiago looking for the finish. Avila slips the arm in and flattens out Santiago, who then quickly taps.

Anthony Avila by 3rd round submission (Rear Naked Choke)

193 lbs.: Hrasimir Mladenov (2-0) vs. Brandon Sene (2-1)

R1: Mladenov ctaches the kick of Sene and takes him down. After some ok ground and pound, Mladenov gets away from Sene and he is able to stand up. Sene is cut under the left eye from heavy punches by Mladenov. The two trade punches with Sene getting the better of it, but Mladenov gets the takedown and finishes the down in north south position.

R2: Sene’s eye is beginning to swell now from that cut. Mladenov gets a double leg takedown and moves into side control. Mladenov is in prime position but not doing as much as he really could be. Finally he finds a spot he likes and starts dropping hammerfists and elbows that has Sene hurt and scrambling.

R3: Both men are very tired entering the final round. Mladenov like a broken record gets a takedown and moves to side control. The gas tank might be on empty as Mladenov tries for a Kimura but can’t get it. Mladenov is doing enough to not get stood up but the fight ends with no finish.

Hrasimir Mladenov by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-26)

There is a short 20 minute break between the undercard and the main card, we are now LIVE.

Main Card

205 lbs.: Adriano Camolese (4-1) vs. Roy Boughton (5-2)

R1: Fight opens with not much action as the two are feeling each other out. Boughton taunts Camolese and quickly gets takedown for it. Boughton gets up and scores a takedown himself, right into a triangle choke. Nothing doing with the choke and Boughton moves to the back of Camolese only to get reversed and beat up until the round ends.

R2: Big head kick by Boughton stuns Camolese and he goes for a takedown but its Camolese who ends up on top. From the bottom Camolese is going to a kimura until an elbow to the ribs ends that quickly. Broughton moves to the back and landing hammerfists to the side of Camolese’s head. Broughton is pouring it on now and the referee steps in and ends the fight as Camolese turtle up.

Roy Boughton by 2nd rd. TKO

145 lbs.: Alexander Crispin (6-2) vs. Randy Spence (11-10)

R1: Spence looks a bit nerves to open the fight but he defends the takedown attempt by Crispin nicely. The two are jocking for position along the cage trading backs against the cage. Finally Josh Rosenthal separates the two and Crispin lands a nice combo that backs the fight against the cage. Crispin gets a takedown but doesn’t do much and the round ends.

R2: Crispin comes out heavy on the kicks, landing a front kick to the face that glances. Crispin ducks in and Spence tries for a choke but and ends up on the bottom. Spence tries to get up and exposes his neck for a choke that Crispin attempts but doesn’t get it all the way in. A borderline illegal knee stops the action as both fights get talked too by the ref.

R3: Right away Crispin gets a takedown and positions to half guard and slips the arms in for a darce choke. He had to hold it there a while but it worked and Spence taps a minute into the round.

Alexander Crispin by 3rd rd. Submission (Darce Choke)

265 lbs.: Ruben Villareal (19-21-3) vs. Dave Huckaba (15-4)

R1: The two heavyweights are throwing and it’s a safe bet to say this fight will not go the distance. Both fighters are pretty tall but Villareal is standing straight up and the kicks are chopping him down. Huckaba gets clipped and back pedals until Villareal decides to stop chasing him. The lead leg of Villareal is already red and he is breathing heavy out of his mouth. The action slows down big time as the round comes to an end.

R2: A lot of faking but not a lot landing to open the round. Both fighters are tired and thus pretty sloppy. Villareal lands an uppercut that bloodies the nose of Huckaba. I might have to take the not going the distance statement because these two are not landing much and might need a nap soon. That uppercut might have broken Huckaba’s nose and we are going to a third round…. Get the oxygen!

R3: Maybe they took the second round off because they are much more active this round. Villareal can have been hit with some hard shots and can clearly take a punch but he can only muster up short bursts of action. Huckaba is the more active and landing the cleaner punches and as the round ends it looks like Huckaba will get the nod.

Dave Huckaba by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

205 lbs.: Emanuel Newton (15-6-1) vs. Ricky Shivers (10-5-1)

R1: Newton takes the center of the cage and is throwing some load kicks on Shivers. The two clinch and Newton picks up the big guy and slams him down. From full guard Newton lands a few shots and backs out long enough to pick up Shivers and slam him again. Newton backs out, defends a takedown attempt and Newton lands some good knees in the clinch. Newton on top again, fends off an armbar and ends the round with some ground and pound.

R2: Massive slam by Newton to open the round. Shivers grabs a kimura take is very deep and almost finishes the fight but Newton rolls out of it. Another slam from Newton but Shivers again is looking for a submission and makes Newton scramble and get out. Yet another big slam puts Newton in full guard raining down the occasional ground and pound. The round wouldn’t be complete without the fourth slam. Shivers has a mouse under his right eye as he walks back to his corner.

R3: Newton opens the round with a combo and ends it with a kick that backs up Shivers. Wow, another slam from Newton lands him in full guard. Now in side control, Shivers sweeps but is reversed quickly and back in guard. Newton turns to an armbar and tries to move to mount but Shivers is able to get up. In the clinch Newton gets a takedown and with about a minute left Shivers needs a miracle that just isn’t there.

Emanuel Newton by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

155 lbs.: Shane Nelson vs. Aaron Wetherspoon

R1: Wetherspoon looks the bigger of the two fighters. Nelson goes for a takedown but it’s defended nicely by Wetherspoon. Nelson drives through the next attempt and grabs the double legs to get the fights first takedown. Wetherspoon gets back up and gets a takedown himself that has his corner telling him to bite the fingers…. Um that’s illegal guys. Nelson gets up but Wetherspoon has him pinned along the cage for the remainder of the round.

R2: Wetherspoon opens with a glancing punch to the temple of Nelson. Nelson lands a counter straight left that snaps Wetherspoons head back. Wetherspoon is landing some very loud kicks and when he goes for another one his planted left legs sticks to the canvas and Wetherspoon yells in pain. The fight is quickly stopped and Shane Nelson will get the win due to injury. Wetherspoon is visibly pissed as the doctor’s check out his knee. Wethersppon has his knee wrapped and he is helped out of the cage.

Shane Nelson by 2nd rd. TKO (Injury)

Pictures of the event will be posted on the website shortly, make sure to check them out on the pictures page.

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