Putting a Grade on the First Event from The World Series of Fighting

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World Series of Fighting 1There are many MMA shows, promoters, and brands that come along from time to time. Some stay and gain popularity; some fade away while others get bought out. We have seen just about everything that we could in the Mixed Martial Arts business. This past Saturday the World Series of Fighting made it promotional debut in Las Vegas, Nevada and on the NBCSports channel. Headed by Ray Sefo, WSOF 1 made some serious noise in the MMA community but being their first offering how did the World Series Of Fighting’s first event as a whole grade out?

Announcers : B-

I actually enjoyed the color team of this broadcast. Bas Rutten is very knowledge and great color man who could be paired with anyone and still do great. The reason I gave this a B- was the fact that I would have preferred a team of Bas and Schiavello that would have given this broadcast a better score. Don’t get me wrong, Todd Harris still did a good job, but I guess it is just a matter of preference.

Coverage: C+

It is still the first event, but for it being a first it had a great amount of coverage right from the start. Sure it was on a channel that a lot of people had no idea even had on their cable list until this event started. It is still a good start for many people who do carry that channel to familiarize themselves with the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Roster: C-

As repetitive as I will sound in this article, yes it is the first event. For the talent pool that they have is a great one, but still lacks depth in the sense that sure they could put these stars on every card and still do well, but would eventually become a problem for injuries or those stars signing with bigger organization. I am curious to see what other talent World Series of Fighting and Ray Sefo would bring in to the upcoming cards for star power.

Actual Fight Card: A

I felt the need to give an A because WSOF 1 delivered the goods. Throughout the night fans saw a little bit of everything, something every fight fan enjoys in a well-rounded card.

Overall: B

I am curious to see what the next card will bring, which is scheduled to be early 2013 back at Las Vegas. I really think the World Series of Fighting has a lot of potential and could definitely benefit from layoffs from major organizations to avoid going head to head with, which would be the perfect timing for them to grow. With at least three more fight cards, Ray Sefo’s organization has the potential to be that competition to Bellator and other organizations in the Mixed Martial Arts world.

What did you think of the first event from The World Series of Fighting?

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