Combat ZoneIt was a night of fast finishes and career-defining victories, as Combat Zone packed Rockingham Park to the gills. If you couldn’t make the trip to Salem to catch the area’s best amateur and professional talent, allow me to paint you the picture of Combat Zone 48.

David Bradbury vs Carl Langston: Ammy 135lbs

  • Bradbury looked to set the pace to begin the night of combat, but Langston’s fade away hooks and composure allowed him to control every aspect of the early goings. A crushing guillotine off a shot from Bradbury failed to elicit a tap,but Langston closed out the round with ground and pound hammerfists from inside the guard. All Langston in one.The second round played out similar to the first with Langston getting the better of rushed exchanges before bringing it to the ground again and mounting his opponent. Bradbury shined for a moment however, hitting a sweep off the fence that took Langston out of the game and on the defensive. Regaining control of the situation, Langston soon hit a half-guard sweep in turn and a quick lock and hop had Bradbury tapping to an arm-triangle seconds from the end of the second round. Carl Langston wins via 2nd Round Submission (Arm Triangle)

Alec Wilson vs Jordan Yantin: Ammy 135lbs

  • Yantin opened the match with cut-angle punches that got Wilson’s attention, forcing the Wai Kru fighter to launch a double leg that bounced both men off the cage. Using expert balance you rarely see in Ammy MMA, Yantin rode that bounce and found himself in mount, unleashing a torrent of ground and pound. Wilson was quickly up and swinging however, with both men landing strikes and searching for a statement with takedowns. Wilson got the better of a clinch grappling exchange that saw both men slam into the cage again, this time with Wilson on top. He wouldn’t waste the opportunity, looping an arm around Yantin’s neck and hitting a beautiful guillotine into mount, drawing a reluctant tap from Yantin. Alec Wilson wins via 1st Round Submission (guillotine)

Tim Loughran vs Corey Bowhall: Ammy 150lbs

  • Both men traded a series of kicks to start off the bout, punishing each other’s ribs and giving as good as they got. A takedown from Loughran in his corner seemed to be the beginning of a strong round, but Bowhall was active off his back, scooting into position with his hips and began dogging a guillotine. It took some doing, but Bowhall was patient with the technique and Loughran was truly stuck, finally tapping as Bowhall applied maximum pressure. Corey Bowhall wins via 1st Round Submission (guillotine)

Kristian Lombari vs John Ryan: Ammy 185lbs

  • The two big men clashed center cage with Ryan finding side control the moment the bout hit the canvas, though Lombari’s raw power was obvious as he launched his opponent and came back to his feet. Lombari came forward like a tidal wave, ripping brutish punches that tagged Ryan despite his smart defensive boxing. A slip by Lombari on an over-extended punch was all the opening the fast thinking Ryan needed, latching onto his opponent’s back, sinking the hooks and latching the RNC on for the tap. John Ryan wins via 1st Round Submission (RNC)

Danny Abad vs Dan Lynch: Ammy 145lbs

  • Abad’s hands were on fire to start the bout, clipping Lynch as he looked for an entry for the takedown, finally hitting a trip against the cage. Abed would prove to be wily on the mat however nearly taking Lynch’s back and working a gi-based head and arm choke with no success. Lynch used the unorthodox opening to take Abed’s back standing and hit a half suplex, but lost opposition in a scramble while hunting for an arm triangle. Abad turned the tables on his foe and latched onto Lynch’s back, quietly slipping a leg over the shoulder and locking on an armbar. Lynch had his opponent stacked and the ten second clapper indicated he could survive the round, but Abad kept at it and forced the tap with one second left in the round. Danny Abad wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)

Michael Fagan vs Josh Harvey: Ammy 145lbs

  • Harvey hit with smart hooking punches early as both men worked inside the pocket. Finding a home for three left check-hooks, Harvey then switched gears and drove Fagan to the mat, but the local fighter was quick to find his feet again. The relief was short-lived, as Harvey seemingly couldn’t miss with anything off the left, hitting hooks and uppercuts while slipping punches; finally driving for a takedown into half guard where he worked til the bell. Easy round for Harvey.The two went at it early with Harvey hitting a solid side kick that dropped Fagan for a moment before they both went back into the fray. Harvey was brimming with confidence and controlled the bout with slick single leg attempts and inside boxing, again putting Fagan on his back to work ground and pound elbows. Unable to open the guard, Harvey instead backed out and allowed Fagan to stand where they traded body blows for the fleeting seconds remaining in the round. 10-9 Harvey. Both fighters had plenty of gas in the third despite active rounds, with both landing early before Harvey drove another takedown. A quick threat for a triangle by Fagan brought the partisan crowd to their feet, but Harvey remained composed and readjusted, working within a closed guard. Fagan was unwilling to give Harvey the space to mount an attack and Harvey unable to posture up and strike, drawing the fight to a clear decision win for Harvey across all three rounds. Josh Harvey wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Aaron Lacey vs Matt Tullos: Ammy 145lbs

  • The two men went into the clinch early, jockeying for position against the cage with neither having a clear advantage. Tullos scooped a leg and made a quick pass to side control and mount, showing great dexterity as Lacey looked to stay safe from the bottom. A return to the feet saw both fighters working clinch knees with Tullos landing the better blows in the exchange, finishing the round with a quick takedown and pass to side control while Lacey looked for an armlock. 10-9 Tullos. A cutting body kick from Lacey started the round off in his direction, but Tullos was relentless on his opponent’s hips, hitting a takedown into his opponent’s open guard. Tullos was like glue, but gave too much space when going for ground and pound, allowed Lacey to spring up and resume clinch fighting. It was short-lived however, as Tullos once again got a takedown and bounced through positions as Lacey scrambled to avoid compromising his defense. Again Lacey took to his feet, but the bell signaled the end of another dominant round for Tullos. Lacey stormed out with determination, knowing full well he was behind on the cards, but Tullos’ inside boxing and takedowns were there again as he planted his adversary. Lacey regained and lost his feet again, the only offense he was able to mount being short punches from bottom that were far too little considering the defecit on the score cards. Hitting mount late in the round, Tullos peppered his overmatched opponent who bucked and rolled in desperation, but could never get the bout moving in his favor. Tullos controlled yet another round for the clean sweep. Matt Tullos wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Brett Trahan vs JT Harold: Ammy 170lbs

  • A dagger-sharp right hand by Harold started this off, but Trahan found a powerful takedown when the two came to clinch against the cage. A series of quick reversals ensued, as the lightning fast Harold exploded out of bad positions, while Trahan’s power and grappling experience allowed him to take top again and again. Another burst of movement allowed Harold to find top position, rifling punches into Trahan’s head as the bottom fighter shrimped and bucked in an attempt to escape. Harold was relentless though, working his arm like a jackhammer against Trahan’s trapped head and forcing the ref to stop the bout. J.T. Harold wins via 1st Round TKO (strikes)

Cheyenne Vazquez vs Eddie Brito: Pro 185lbs

  • Vazquez zapped Brito early with a right hand, forcing the Gracie fighter to shoot, applying his considerable strength to a single leg. Vasquez stayed calm and snaked is arms between the two of them for underhooks, with Brito going full blast as he searched for a double leg. He finally found that takedown, but a quick reversal saw Vazquez roll over the top of Brito and start a barrage of ground and pound the supine fighter had no answers for. A final series of driving elbows forced the referee to intercede, bringing an end to the brutality. Cheyenne Vazquez wins via 1st Round TKO (strikes)

Jake Pilla vs Paulo Alves DeSousa: Ammy 145lb Title

  • Pilla went after his opponent like a bullet, blasting DeSousa off the fence with a flying front kick before hitting a crushing scoop slam. DeSousa rolled with the abundant momentum and found top position for a fleeting second, but Pilla was back at it with another powerful slam to yank deny his opponent the opportunity to attack. Pilla latched onto an arm-in guillotine from top and dropped to the mat, and while the technique didn’t look clean, his squeeze was so murderous that DeSousa was out cold within seconds. Jake Pilla wins via 1st Round Submission (arm-in guillotine)

Brent Kinberger vs Mervin Rodriguez: Pro 155lbs

  • Rodriguez came out cutting angles and firing over hands and leg kicks against his opponent, looking to show Kingberger something he wasn’t used to. A veteran fighter with massive functional strength though, Kinberger was able to catch a clinch and work diligently for underhooks, with both fighters battering each other’s body with knees. The fighters took to hard-style muay thai, ripping elbows and short hooks that found the mark, but Kinberger changed the complexion of the fight, hitting a hip throw that resounded around the building. Working his expert submission game, Kinberger played a chess match from top and found his way to a tight triangle, launching a volley of elbows to his opponent’s trapped head. No stranger to the mat however, Rodriguez sorted out the mess he found himself in, survived the subsequent RNC attempt, and ended on top, though with too little time to mount a comeback. 10-9 Kinberger. Both fighters looked fresh to start the second, with Rodriguez working a game of gliding footwork and feints, looking to set up home runs on his stalking foe. Kinberger finally caught his wily adversary in the clinch, nailing a trip takedown that saw him take control of the fight again. Pining his foe in half guard, Kinberger slammed elbows home to force a transition and took the back, locking on an RNC that looked tight. Miraculously, Rodriguez gutted it out and Kinberger relented to avoid burning his arms out, instead working short punches while he held his opponent in a back mounted body triangle for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Kinberger. A sharp toe kick to the midsection by Kinberger was answered by a body kick from Rodriguez as both men looked to finish this before the score cards. Rodriguez movement proved worthwhile as he landed a lunging uppercut and a follow-up series of dirty boxing uppercuts, but Kinberger’s underhooks were simply too strong, tripping his opponent into mount. Rodriguez struggled to regain half guard, but Kinberger threatened with an arm triangle and landed slick knees to the body while trying to free his hips to complete the submission. Moving towards an anaconda choke, Kinberger continued to work body knees to soften Rodriguez up, but couldn’t find the sub before the bell, though he took the fight handily by virtue of his stellar matwork. Brent Kinberger wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3

Thanks to Combat Zone for allowing MMAValor to cover their event live.

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