Done with Anderson Silva…and I’m not the only one!

Another UFC is in the books now and we were treated to the debacle known as an Anderson Silva title fight. What was suppose to be a classic Top level striking vs. Top level grappler match up turned out to be a slap in the face for MMA. The UFC’s first card held in Abu Dhabi was rounding out to be a card to remember with Matt Hughes chopping down another Gracie in Renzo and The Lightweight Division crowning a new Champ in Frankie Edgar. Unfortunately all that is being talked about and what most will remember first is the Middleweight champs act once again.

The first two minutes of the UFC 112 main event was what everyone expected, Silva showing his striking while Maia trying to get the takedown. After Silva stuffed Maia’s attempts a few times Silva began to almost kneel down as if inviting Maia to take him down. When Maia didn’t take the bait things slowly went south in a hurry and by round two Silva was taunting Maia to stand with him. When he wasn’t dropping his arm to his side Silva was swinging them around in the air or pretending to draw a line in the canvas. With all this Demian Maia continued to try and implement his “flawed” game plan and as round two came to a close Silva began yelling to fight him (I guess).

Now at this point I had enough of the act and I actually turned off the TV. I knew what the forthcoming outcome was having seen this crap 3 times before this from Silva, so at that moment I was DONE. I did not watch the rest of the fight but from what I have read on twitter the fight and Silva’s antics got worse to the point that many thought Maia won the last two rounds due to Maia actually attempting some offense? If you have read or heard me before you know that I do not agree with fans booing as it’s disrespectful to the fighters and I see this in the same light, disrespectful. With that said I do not care what any Anderson Silva apologist tries to say; he is 100% disrespectful to his opponents, the fans and the UFC. Whether his opponent engages him or not there is a different way to handle it without being disrespectful.

To think I’m the only one thinking this though would be an under statement to say the least. Two rounds after I walked out on the fight Dana White sitting ringside dropped the Middleweight belt and walked out. During the press conference White confirmed he did leave ringside, claiming ” it was an embarrassment“, “an embarrassment for me, the UFC, and the Fertittas“. White went on to say ”if you’re that talented, be Mike Tyson… go in there and finish!“. The much talked about super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St.-Pierre doesn’t look so appealing to White now either claiming “I don’t want to see GSP vs. Silva after tonight. Silva might be the first champion fighting on a prelim. I don’t want to see that shit”. When Silva joined the Press conference he was asked how he felt, the room silenced for his response…..”The way I feel, my mission was completed, I came in and dominated the fight, I did what I had to do, That’s how I feel“.

Oh great I feel better now…. and so do they. These are actual tweets from the MMA community right after UFC 112

jchcrawk – Anderson Silva is a jerk. I don’t ever want to hear that he’s a great sportsman again.

TVolkert314 – Anderson Silva is a joke after that performance, disrespectful. At least Maia, who was outclassed, didn’t quit.

MMAAdvertising – I’d have rather seen a finish then disrespect like it, it was kind of shameful.

MMAGospel – At least it is only 1 PM so I have been plenty of time to get drunk and forget I watched that.

mmahotstuff – Has anyone ever been stripped of their title? I’d be in support of Anderson being the first

So what is next, where does the UFC and Anderson Silva go from here? Well Silva is not going anywhere that’s for sure, Dana White is not that mad or that stupid. Vitor Belfort is likely next up for Anderson Silva and lets hope Belfort engages him, if not we will see a repeat of UFC 112. For the UFC I’d actually like to see them put Silva’s next fight in the middle of the main card or lower. I don’t see them putting it in the prelim portion of the card for financial reasons but the bottom of the main card will due just fine.

Thank you to MMAHotStuff, MMAGospel, MMAAdvertising, TVolkert314 and jchcrawk for allowing me to use their tweets.

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6 Responses to “Done with Anderson Silva…and I’m not the only one!”

  1. mmaquick says:

    still one of if not the best fact wise fighters in the world.

  2. mmachiro says:

    I think they should not give Anderson Silva main event status anymore. The last 2 title defenses of Silva were lack luster and that will not do big numbers for his next ppv. Fans want a good, hard earned fight and Silva hasn’t come thru.

  3. Zeus says:

    I agree with you, Dana White, and pretty much everyone else. The funny part to this is that Anderson, and Soares his manager, try to justify what he did. How the hell do you justify that? When he would strike, he pretty much landed everything. That said, he knew that he could practically do what he wanted to Maia, so why didn’t he? Like Dana said “Be Mike Tyson, go in there and finish him”.

    Maybe he thought his antics were fun to watch (and somehow he misinterpreted all the BOO’s). How do we get thru to him and tell him once and for all, “No they are not!”

  4. chris says:

    Give Silva some competition…if he had real competition then he couldn’t screw around….shame on dana white for not giving Silva a reason to finish…if the guy is done except for the knockout why should silva try

  5. killjoy_ says:

    Really so since Silva knew he could beat Maia it was ok for him to taunt him instead of just actually beating the guy. Which by the way that is the nature of the sport. The only fault for the dancing around and being disrespectful falls only on Anderson Silva.

  6. MMAquick says:

    and maia for doing it as well.

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