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The Wild Domination By Brian Ebersole

ebersole win 127 pic The Wild Domination By Brian Ebersole

In a crazy week of Mixed Martial Arts we need to take a second to pause and reflect on how sometimes an off the wall game plan could get you a win very few thought was possible, and how one knee can change a career. Fan favorite Chris Lytle who is tied for the record for bonuses in the UFC, welcomed a newcomer to the octagon when he touched gloves with Brian Ebersole, who took the fight on quick notice replacing Carlos Condit. The fight was full of gimmicks and wild movements from Ebersole, who seemed to throw Lytle off his game and into a mistake which allowed Ebersole to land a huge knee that affected Lytle the rest of the fight.

We are all very aware of how a solid knee on the chin could affect a fighter’s performance after the turn of events of the Bisping cheap shot, but that’s a whole different article in itself. Lytle seemed a bit sluggish, which could have been due to a recent knee surgery, but was still pressing the pace against Ebersole. Ebersole flagrantly shook his arms in the air and over reacted to every jab Lytle threw early and this definitely through the veteran Lytle off track.

Being highly talented in Jiu Jitsu, Ebersole did enough to fend off the submission game of Lytle and break up the timing of the exchanges enough to eventually catch Lytle with a nice knee on the chin. The fight changed tides from there and was more of Lytle in survivor mode then him engaging and dominating his opponent.  This technique has thrown off other opponents in the past, for instance Guida against Gomi, and Anderson Silva in pretty much all of his crazy fights. While you may lack a skill compared to the guy across the ring from you, making him think too hard into what you are doing or not doing may be just enough to get you a top win over the heavy favorite.

Spinning cartwheel kicks and all, Ebersole stole the show and while it may be out of the normal and frowned upon, he defiantly picked up a solid win over a top opponent and shocked the world. Now Lytle who is suffering through knee issues and a tough loss has mentioned retirement and has now lost a lot of steam on his title shot run. On the other hand Ebersole is on deck to face another top welterweight and the real question the fans want to know is if a crazy game plan can work twice, as well as if the chest hair arrow ever points down.

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