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Do not miss TheVoice Versus Wanderlei Silva on HDNET!

| March 24, 2011 | 1 Reply

Voice vs Wandy Do not miss TheVoice Versus Wanderlei Silva on HDNET!If you have been waiting, it is almost here.  If you were not aware by now, you should take notice, and be sure not to miss the next entertaining installment of MMA Commentator Michael Schiavello’s show TheVoice VERSUS and this time with none other than the always classy Wanderlei Silva.  Coming to you from the Penthouse Suite of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas this will be the fifth episode of the Voice Versus series and it will first air in its entirety on March 25th on HDNET at 8pm ET.

MMAValor was granted access to preview the show’s episode in its entirety so that if you were wondering, we can help you make up your mind on the entertainment value of this episode.

If you are a Wanderlei Silva fan, well, you probably don’t need much convincing on how fun the episode will be and yes, he is his usual down to earth, smiling, full of life and classy personality.  This will most likely end up being your favorite episode.  If you are familiar with Michael Schiavello’s style you probably have come to expect a high quality interview and will not be disappointed, as he delivers once again.

The preview that was already posted for this episode was accurate in predicting that this is a lighthearted episode with lots of laughter, where both interviewer and interviewee seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and conversation.  The best thing about this episode is the amount of information that is packed into the time slot allowed for it.  The questions Mike Schiavello asks are of various nature, interesting and at times surprising.  For his part Silva offers in his answers as much information as possible and presents it in an entertaining, funny way.  The episode is full of stories you may or may not heard before.

The interview begins with a funny question about a now famous picture of Silva you may have already seen.  If not you can check the preview on this site.  Both parties end up laughing and this sets the tone for the rest of the episode.  Next, Schiavello takes Silva back in time to his beginnings in Curitiba, Brazil.  You will learn about his family, how he began training in MMA and how he chose his school, the very well known Chute Boxe Academy.  Then they move on to Vale Tudo days where we learn more form Silva about his experience in those fights.  They also discuss Silva’s famous wrist roll and what it is for.  The conversation moves onto Pride where you will hear some interesting stories.

Silva also talks about specific fighters and rivalries.  He is asked about some rumors and has to confirm or deny.  They talk about knocking out opponents and what that feels like.  Silva lists his hardest opponents he has had to fight.  They briefly move onto a comparison between UFC and Pride and Silva’s transition from one to the other, then, Silva discusses his crazy training methods how they have changed over the years compared to Chute Boxe and how he is trying to train now.

They talk about fighting in Japan versus the USA briefly.  You will find out which are Silva’s favorite fights, who he thinks the best MMA fighter is to come out of Brazil, who has hit him the hardest over the years and who he has hit the hardest.  Silva is asked about his inspirations from other fighters, how much longer he wants to fight for and who he wants his next opponents to be.  He is also asked about his reconstructive surgeries, his tattoos and the meanings behind them.  We find out how Silva got his nickname “The Axe Murderer”.  Of course the ever entertaining “Knock out, Choke out, Wedgie or Bowl of fried chicken” game played in each episode of the show is not forgotten.

Overall, the episode is very laid back and fun to watch.  Both interviewer and interviewee are people who seem to have the ability to put others at ease and this makes the conversation flow easily and with many jokes along the way.  Schiavello has an amazing ability to be able to pack a lot of information in the way he asks his questions and the types of questions he selects.  On his part Silva offers as much information as he can and shares many personal stories.  His answers, opinions and and stories are attention grabbing and fun to listen to.  The episode is well done and lives up to the quality we have come to expect.  One question for Michael Schiavello is how does he manage to make each one better than the one before?

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