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UFC Pay-Per-Views and Events heading to X-Box Live

In announcement made on Monday, UFC President Dana White has announced that future UFC events and Pay-Per-Views would be available through X-Box Live thanks to a new deal that the promotion reached with Microsoft. The announcement was made at the Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) during Microsoft’s Press Conference portion of the mega gaming event.

Dana White appeared on stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center to make the announcement and showing a clip to the audience of what to expect when it comes to the new partnership. Fans will be able to stream UFC PPVs and other events like the UFC weigh-ins through the X-Box 360 gaming console, even being allowed to pick which fighter they think will win during the event, as well as betting with friends on the outcome.

The details on when this service would become available were not given at the time, but this will follow with Microsoft’s new campaign to bring live TV to its console.

The UFC has been branching out with its marketing tools and ways to watch events, including airing prelims through it’s Facebook page, streaming events on various internet websites like Yahoo! and UStream. The UFC has also featured backstage streams and various camera angles through its own website.

The announcement is just another step in a positive direction for the MMA leader.

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