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Meet Tim Welch – The 406 representing in a big way in Bellator

| July 3, 2012 | Reply

If you’re a follower of Bellator, then you know Lloyd Woodard has been very successful in the promotion, coming from the state of Montana.   This fall, there will be another Montanan taking care of business in the cage for Bellator as Tim Welch will step up and test the chins at 170 pounds.  We spoke to him after he got the good news from Bellator.

Tim Welch has been fighting his “entire life, and professionally for three years.”  From Montana’s “Windy City” of Great Falls, Tim left his gym as the big fish and moved to Missoula to compete and learn as part of the “Dogpound MMA”, the top school in Montana.

Lloyd Woodard 266x200 Meet Tim Welch The 406 representing in a big way in Bellator

Lloyd Woodard

He figured he’d train with his partner and great friend Lloyd Woodard and “whoop him” but instead found someone who pushed him and helped him realize in himself that he had what it took to reach the next level.  In fact as Tim puts it, “He’s (Lloyd) the one who really made me know I can compete at a high level.”  Tim was frustrated and longed to get better, “He frustrated me big time, and that made me want to keep sparring with him every day until I beat him.”  Tim adds, “It was nice knowing every day I go in there, I’m gonna have a fight.”

Tim improved and now he’s as dangerous as anyone standing.  His 9-3 record is complemented with all nine wins coming by finish.  “I get too tired to go the distance”, Tim says with a laugh.  Truth is, he likes to go out there and headhunt, knowing he can finish a fight with one punch, at any time.  Tim puts it best by saying, “I like to be explosive and I don’t like pacing myself.  Anyone who’s ever knocked someone out with one shot knows that it’s addicting, you feel like in a fight all you need to do is graze their chin and it’s going to be lights out , so that’s what I’m always trying to do.”

I like to ask fighters what is something most fans wouldn’t know about you?  Most say, I like video games, or I played high school football, but not Tim Welch.  He answered while laughing, “Ummm that I have red hair and glasses and use to play the viola, oh and I’m also 30% Indian and get some free dental.”  Well, there you go.  What more is there to know about the kid?  He played the viola, has a dentist in the family and likes to knock people out.  He’s a Renaissance man.

Tim will be spending time in Portland training with Team Quest leading up to his Bellator debut which takes place this fall, and he hopes in the Welterweight tournament.  With his standup abilities, he will be a tough out in any tournament, but add some of that famous Team Quest ground game and grit, he will be devastating.

He is quick to thank his sponsors, Sting Sports Bar, and Nate Hoins.  He has a whole state cheering him on as he takes the next step in his career.  Montanans stick together, and the rising tide lifts all ships, so those up and coming in the Big Sky state can only grow and succeed with the success of Tim and Lloyd.

If you want to get to know and interact with Tim Welch, track him down on Twitter at

Make sure to check out the above Tim Welch highlight video to get a look at his fight style.

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