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XFC 20: High Octane Results

| September 28, 2012 | Reply

XFCLogo XFC 20: High Octane ResultsThe Xtreme Fighting Championship was in Knoxville, Tennessee tonight inside the Knoxville Civic Coliseum for XFC 20: High Octane. The seven bout main card aired live on AXS TV and was headlined by a lightweight bout between Eric Reynolds and the veteran Lorenzo Borgomeo. The winner of the main event would earn a shot at the vacant XFC lightweight belt against the undefeated Nick Newell.

Nate Landwehr vs. Chris Wright

Round 1: The Featherweight fight starts with leg kicks from both men and wild punches. Leg kicks from Landwehr and Wright locks up and appears to be the stronger of the two. Arm-in guillotine attempt by Wright but Landwehr is in no danger. Wright’s controlling the clinch against the cage, but little action two minutes in. Trip attempt by landwehr fails, but he dogs a single and gets it. Wright works for a omaplata and showing good flexibility by locking a gogoplata. Landwehr stays calm and escapes, attacking with ground and pound. Wright looks for an armbar but can’t get it, so settles for the opportunity to spring up. More clinching occurs with minimal attacks from both men. Landwehr gets double underhooks to end the round. 10-9 Landwehr

Round 2: Fast start with both men throwing combinations and leg kicks. Landwehr getting the better of it, but goes for a massive scoop slam and spikes Wright in the center of the cage. Landwehr easily takes mount and throws hammerfists, but loses position and ends up in top half-guard. Anaconda choke attempt by Landwehr but Wright springs up. Landwehr blasts Wright with a knee to the face and pushes Wright to the cage to work another takedown against the fence. Landwehr turning it on and hurting Wright with punches and secures another slam into mount. Elbows from mount and Wright gives up his back, but Landwehr can’t sink a choke, instead opting for hammerfists and elbows. Landwehr pours it on and Wright can only cover up, forcing a stoppage.

Nate Landwehr wins via 2nd round TKO (punches)

Anthony Lemon vs. Drew Kennedy

Round 1: Fast start as Lemon rushes with a punch and Kennedy ducks for a double, but can’t get it.  Clinch knees from Lemon are hurting Kennedy as he dogs the double leg and flops to his back. Lemon backs up and lunges with a right hand that lands hard. Lemon pursues and dodges an armbar and triangle from Kennedy before working into half guard. Lemon landing hard rights before backing off and we’re standing again. Both men flailing and Kennedy drops but Lemon lets him back up. Kennedy shoots a takedown and nails it, quickly floating into side control and expertly forcing Lemon to roll, giving him his back. Kennedy loses the back and Lemon attacks from top but Kennedy locks up a tight armbar. Lemon grits his teeth and escapes, attacking with hammerfists in this rapid-fire bout. Lemon takes mount and moves to back mount on the clearly winded Kennedy, sinking a loose RNC that Kennedy manages to avoid, turning into his guard. Kennedy passing to half guard and mount right away, but Lemon uses the back door. Kennedy sticks him in quarter and takes his back, sinking an RNC and forcing the tap in the non-stop single round fight.

Drew Kennedy wins via 1st round Submission (RNC)

Cornelius Godfrey vs. Shah Bobonis

Round 1: Slower start as Godfrey measures with a jab while Bobonis moves back. Lunging uppercut from Bobonis narrowly misses and he shoots a single that gets him nowhere. Guard pull from Bobonis but Godfrey stands up and breaks off. A hard right hand from Bobonis lands, followed by another. Bobonis slips a punch and backs Godfrey up to the cage, landing a few knees before breaking off.  Lunging attacks from Bobonis but Godfrey fades away. Godfrey is tentative in the face of Bobonis’ off-angle attacks, but lands a big body shot. Both men are throwing kicks with minimal connection. Bobonis moves inside and lands a lateral drop, winding up in Godfrey’s guard. Bobonis rides out the round inside the closed guard of Godfrey. 10-9 Bobonis

Round 2: Bobonis starts with a knee tap takedown attempt and some leg kicks. Godfrey is trying to work behind a jab, but Bobonis throwing from odd angles and keeping his opponent guessing. Bobonis drops Godfrey with a leg kick and moves into side control before being put inside Godfrey’s guard. Bobonis stands up out of it and goes back to leg kicks and forward pressure. Godfrey stuck against the cage as Bobonis lands knees and shoulder butts to the chin. Godfrey gains some space in the clinch and starts landing knees to the body, but Bobonis gets a takedown on the cage into the guard. Bobonis stands up out of it again and shoots for a single leg a moment later, but is denied, instead pushing Godfrey to the cage again, where the round ends. 10-9 Bobonis

Round 3: Godfrey fighting hard for the first time since the fight started and landing punches on Bobonis.  A quick takedown stops Godfrey’s rally though and Bobonis is back inside the guard. Godfrey looks for an armbar but Bobonis springs up out of danger and right back into guard. Bobonis up and leaps in with a right hand, but Godfrey rolls out and up, landing a flurry that temporarily hurts Bobonis. Bobonis goes for a lateral drop again but doesn’t have the energy and flops. Godfrey goes for a crucifix but loses everything as both men are back to their feet. Hard elbow from Godfrey slashes Bobonis’ nose open but Bobonis hits another takedown into guard. Bobonis tries to pass and moves to halfguard and looking for mount. Godfrey up and throws lefts and rights as he knows he’s down on the cards. Bobonis getting tagged and backing up to get his marbles back, but gets reversed on a taekdown. Bobonis goes for a tired heel hook and takes top position to close out the round. 10-9 Godfrey

Shah Bobonis wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Chris Dunn vs. Joby Sanchez

Round 1: Lot of movement early but no offense for the first minute as only probing strikes are used.  Left high kick by Dunn puts Sanchez on his heels and a double leg easily puts the fight on the mat, but Sanchez scrambles off his back and locks up a triangle almost instantly. It takes a few moments and some adjustments, but Dunn can’t escape as he rolls and tries to force himself out of the hold.  Dunn can’t hang on and is forced to tap early in the fight.

Joby Sanchez wins via 1st round Submission (triangle choke)

Sarah Maloy vs. Sofia Bagherdai

Round 1: Maloy attacks right away with wild punches and a push kick, but quickly dissolves into flailing.  Bagherdai looking to set up a KO counter and lands a couple hard punches, but Maloy walks through it.  Clinch on the fence and Bagherdai staying busy with her back against the fence. Maloy working some knees to the body and tries for a hip toss, but loses it and Bagherdai is on top in side control.  Bagherdai using elbows to the head and body as Maloy tries to slip a leg inside and to grab guard.  Bagherdai jumps to mount and starts raining punches and elbows as Maloy throws up her legs for a sweep, which is ultimately successful. Maloy scrambles up but turns her back, allowing Bagherdai to drag her back down and attack from side control. Maloy tries to put Bagherdai into guard but her foe stands up and hops into mount again. Bagherdai unloading with punches from high mount and the referee steps in to save Maloy from further punishment.

Sofia Bagherdai wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Chris Coggins vs. Scott Holtzman

Round 1: Big right hand by Holtzman and an arm drag that hurls Coggins head first into the cage as the clinch grappling. High energy clinch wrestling with a few knees from both men, but Holtzman is able to keep Coggins pinned to the cage. Holtzman with a hard right as Coggins circles off the cage and a single leg puts Coggins down in a half butterfly guard. Holtzman throwing punches and elbows from guard as Coggins tries to secure a rubber guard to no avail. Kickoff by Coggins gives him little space as Holtzman stands over him and dives into half guard. Elbows coming from Holtzman as Coggins attempts to get his guard back. He succeeds, but Holtzman stands up in guard and starts battering Coggins with huge punches that are sapping the will out of him. Coggins looks for a leglock and tries to lock Holtzman in guard, but is having no success. Holtzman stands up in guard again and lands a thunderous right hand that hurts Coggins badly. Coggins is covering up while Holtzman unleashes with non-stop punches, forcing a stoppage.

Scott Holtzman wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Lorenzo Borgomeo vs. Eric Reynolds

Round 1: Probing strikes from both early, with Reynolds pushing the pace. Borgomeo lands a one-two and leg kick that lands hard. More leg kicks from Borgomeo and hand strikes landing for both men.  Borgomeo rocks Reynolds with two stiff right hands as Reynolds defense is nowhere to be found.  Brutal right hand from Borgomeo but Reynolds fires back and pushes his opponent to the cage.  Fighters break and Reynolds lands a high knee and several punches, keeping Borgomeo against the cage.  Borgomeo landings a jab but Reynolds is taking his space away and cutting him off. High kick from Borgomeo but Reynolds laughs it off. Borgomeo hits a duck-under double leg and attacks from Reynold’s guard, finishing the round on top. 10-9 Borgomeo

Round 2: Mid kick by Reynolds and a punch combination lands. Reynolds is trying to make this a brawl while Borgomeo looks to set up long attacks and avoid getting into a fire fight. Reynolds working a high crotch and stomping the foot but Borgomeo turns out and cracks him with a leg kick. Reynolds rushes for a clinch but has his back taken standing, turns out, and eats a clinch knee. Reynolds keeping in range and firing away with punches while Borgomeo shoots for a takedown, which he hits after some effort. Borgomeo trying to keep Reynolds down but no success and he stands and lands several punches.  Borgomeo appears somewhat winded and throws a sloppy mid kick which Reynolds catches and uses to trip Borgomeo to the mat. A sloppy attempt to stand up proves to be the end, as Reynolds locks a guillotine on Borgomeo and drops into butterfly guard, forcing Borgomeo to tap.

Eric Reynolds wins via 2nd round Submission (guillotine choke)

With XFC 20 now in the books, Xtreme Fighting Championship will return on December 7th with XFC 21.

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