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One Final TUF 14 Blog from Stephen Bass

Holy cow it’s mid January and I’m finally starting to get back into my every day rhythm. Ok, I’m lying; I still haven’t found it yet. It’s been a life changing few months for sure, getting to compete on the biggest stage in Mixed Martial Arts was a wild ride for sure! I came up short from the goals I set for myself and it was disappointing for sure. That being said, the six years I spent preparing, training, and sacrificing was worth every second and I’m far from done!
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Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 9 Blog: Thanks for the Extra Cash

First of all, yet another episode passed without some of the more embarrassing house moments being shown, hallelulah! Instead, the episode starts with Dustin Pague giving a gift bag to a homeless guy that we passed every day on the way to the gym, what can I say, he was a genuinely good guy. Then even more Pague antics as he eats a cockroach for $60, I wasn’t impressed.
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Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 7 Blog: The Semifinals are Set

This week’s episode picks back up with the little bit of karma that is Roland’s foot infection. You get to see him and his teammates talking it over, with them assuring him that everything’s going to be alright. Under the circumstances I wanted to smile but I really did hate that he didn’t get to fight at one hundred percent. I guess that’s what separates me from this season’s dirty little snakes in the grass.
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Stephen Bass TUF 14 Episode 3 Blog: Fame can be Tiring!

Episode 3 kicks off with the recap of the previous featherweight fight between Marcus Brimage and Bryan Caraway before showing training sessions of each team. During Team Mayhem’s training session, Bisping and his esteemed assistant coaches, Razor Rob, Tiki, and Brady “Stinky Pinky” Fink take the tires off Mayhem’s car and put them in his locker room. That was a definite Win for Team Bisping. So that makes the official prank score 1-1 with Team Bisping coming back strong from the previous tire incident.