Azad Watches, fine watch-maker, is all about high quality. With celebrities such as Donald Trump, Eva Longoria, “Dr. J” Julius Erving, Ice Cube, Tony Bennett, and Piers Morgan having sported their time-pieces, Azad recently brought its brand of quality into the MMA world when it sponsored UFC fighter Nick Pace for his bout at UFC 139 in San Jose, California. In addition, the company has signed on to become a main advertising sponsor of the first-ever full-length, full-color MMA comic book, “Joe Palooka.”

In short, the New York-based watchmaker has jumped head-first into the fight world, and wants MMA fans to know that those looking for a quality watch need look no further than Azad.

“We’ve been able to connect with football players and other sports celebrities, but we figure MMA is a great sport to get into,” says Victor Rodriguez, Azad Watches Co-Owner. “It has lots of excitement, and it’s the fastest-growing sport in the world. Now’s the time to capitalize on that, and Azad is planning on doing just that.”

Azad Watches have also been worn by top celebrities such as Barry Bonds, Cedric the Entertainer, Lil’ Wayne, Mickey Rourke, and many others. Before long, Azad plans on being able to add MMA fighters and personalities to their list of well-known customers.

Nick Pace at UFC 139 (Photo courtesy of ESPN)

“You know, we just want to be known as one of the top-notch watch lines out there. We’re focused on showing the quality of the watches. That’s what we’re more focused on now,” states Rodriguez. “We did that in the entertainment world, and if we just do the same thing in the fight world, we’re confident that we’ll start seeing Azad Watches at UFC events all over the world.”

Along with its UFC sponsorships, Azad has hooked up with “Joe Palooka.” This pact provides both brands with reach into other parts of the business world, and will help expand their respective customer bases.

“It’s a good feeling to know that we made it into a comic book of this quality. We’re growing as fast as the sport of MMA, it seems. We’ve only been around for three years, and it’s awesome to see everything that’s happening.

“The future is bright for both us and Palooka,” Rodriguez concludes. “We feel very confident in our partnerships, and can’t wait to see where they take us as a brand.”

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For more information on “Joe Palooka, please visit They can also be found on Facebook at, and can be followed on Twitter @TeamPalooka.

Written by: Phil Lanides

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