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Legalize MMA in New York by a New Yorker

mma UFC79arena 580 300x168 Legalize MMA in New York by a New YorkerToday is the day that the New York State budget is voted upon. Not interested in politics you say. Well if you’re a fan of MMA you should be. 

The legalization of MMA has gone through all stages of congress and now awaits its fate as New Yorkers look to approve it in the budget vote. The Holy Grail, New York is the only state where MMA is illegal.

How is MMA illegal when some of its components are Olympic events? Boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, karate, and many more styles are used in Mixed Martial Arts. Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts are all Olympic events.

There have been no documented brain related injuries and only one death in MMA since the emergence of UFC in 1993. There has been numerous deaths in boxing, and countless number of brain injuries. Football also has had many deaths in that same time frame.

If MMA was legal in New York it would generate money for the state that is said to be struggling. Especially if companies like the UFC, the NFL of MMA, were to come in and generate millions for businesses and state coffers.

Since 2006, when MMA was legalized in California, the state sanctions over 100 events a year. New York could conceivably do the same if not more. That is a ton of revenue for the state of New York.

Just like most illegal activity MMA shows are happening in New York but without the proper healthcare and the proper referees. Not to mention the fighters are likely not getting paid much of anything, while running such a major risk.

MMA is a major professional sport with world class athletes and deserves to be treated as such. Many of the new breed of fighters in MMA are former state champions in their sports, and are now making a living in fighting. Legalizing MMA in New York could make this state relevant again. If MMA was legal in New York it would boost our tourism, bringing people from all parts of the world to our state.

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