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Ultimate Fighter 13: Recap of Episode 3

tuf13 300x98 Ultimate Fighter 13: Recap of Episode 3

“Making chicken salad out of chicken shit” has been a favorite saying of the former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar thus far and after Team Lesnar got their fight win he of course used it again. Well Team Lesnar doesn’t really like the reference so Lesnar pulls the team aside and tries to explain the comment and smooth things over. 

Justin Edwards joins team Dos Santos, filling the vacant spot left by Keon Caldwell leaving the show. Lew Polly isn’t happy with the loss of Javier Torres and wants to train harder, like “he” was trained. He says that “Junior is being way too nice, treating the fighters like kids.” During training Polly is yelling at the fighters and the other coaches are looking at him with that WTF look. The fighters are rolling and Polly nonchalantly says “Oh, he’s cut,” while pointing at Shamar Bailey. Dos Santos is not too happy with this but lets it go, for now.

Fight Announcement time and Team Lesnar chooses Len Bentley to face Ryan McGillivray of team Dos Santos.

Team Lesnar thinks Chris Cope is hanging around with the other team too much and talking about things he shouldn’t be. Len Bentley is especially bothered by this and actually talks to Lesnar about it thinking cope will tell Team Dos Santos about his game plan.

Dos Santos pulls Lew Polly to the side after one of his coaches lets him know that Polly is doing something without his knowledge. Dos Santos tells Polly that he is there as the wrestling coach and need to discuss things with everyone first. Polly seems to be ok with the talk and the coaches leave happy.

Both fighters make-weight even though McGillivray needed to loss a little more than he would have liked. Lesnar will not be there for the fight as he has a family matter he must attend too but wishes Bentley luck and actually calls him before the fight.

Fight Time: Len Bentley (9-4) vs. Ryan McGillivray (11-4-1)

Round one: Right away the fighters start throwing leather, McGillivray lands a few good shots but a clean counter left from Bentley drops McGillivray. Bentley gets side control and moves to full mount, landing a few good shots. McGillivray would eventually get the fight back to full guard and Bentley from there backed out and let him stand up. The tables turn from there as McGillivray lands a left hand of his own that drops Bentley. McGillivray moves into Full guard and pushes Bentley up against the cage and does some damage but Bentley looks for an armbar that forces McGillivray to scramble but as the round comes to an end he holds a loose choke on Bentley.

Round two: The first half of the round is all striking, back and forth action with neither fighter having a clear-cut advantage. McGillivray puts together a nice combo that backs Bentley into the cage where he is able to get a brief takedown on the Team Lesnar fighter. Once up Bentley lands some good knees and as the two fighters break for the final 75 seconds you can easily see both are gassed. Even though they were tired the two close the round out like they started, throwing leather.

Judges have the fight scored 19-19, 18-20 & 18-20 for a majority decision in favor of Ryan McGillivray of Team Dos Santos. Both fighters put on a great performance and I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Len Bentley will get one of the two wildcard spots.

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