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TUF 14 Episode 3 Recap: More Tire Pranks

| October 5, 2011 | Reply

Three episodes into the 14th season of The Ultimate fighter and the pranks are going, teammates are turning on each other and a mole has emerged.

Mayhem Miller brings pool toys for a little “fun” as the team beats each other up with pool noodles. As all this is happening Bisping and his coaches are removing the tires from Miller’s car and placing them in his teams dressing room. Dana White finds it pretty funny and when Miller finds out so does he.

During team Bisping’s training session the coaches tell the entire team to tone it down and spare at 70%. Akira and Marcus I guess didn’t hear that and start going pretty hard at each other. Bisping pulls Akira to the side and Marcus moves to Diego and things get out of hand quickly. Bisping steps in and yells at the two but they continue to talk back and forth for a while.

Back at the house Akira is “entertaining” the house with mixed results but he’s an artist and helps to pass the time, according to him of course. At night Akira becomes Mr. X and begins messing with the other team’s gear just to see how they will react.

Fight Announcement:

Team Miller’s Johnny Bedford (17-9-1) vs. Team Bisping’s Josh Ferguson (7-3)

Ferguson knew it would be him a Bedford and had a paper that says F U Bedford, continuing the disrespect they started the last week with their little song.

Dustin Neace had enough of Akira’s pranks and returns the favor by pouring something all over his bed, sealed with a note. Of course Akira can’t handle the table being turned on him and confronts Dustin.

Team Miller’s John Dodson has made friends with two of team Bisping’s fighters and informed them that Bedford’s right hand was messed up. We have a mole in the house!

Fight Time:

Round one: Bedford scores an early takedown and starts landing elbows on the face of Ferguson. Bedford backs out and they are back standing, where Bedford uses his reach with his jab to keep Ferguson at bay. Bedford gets another takedown, moves to side control and attempts a submission. The attempt fails and Ferguson reverses and gets up. Just before the round ends though Bedford gets one last takedown.

Round two: Ferguson comes out landing some good shots but Bedford gets another takedown 90 seconds into the round. Bedford doesn’t do too much damage though and at the two-minute mark they are standing again. A flying knee attempt from Ferguson ends up back firing as Bedford catches him and slams him down. From side control Bedford is grinding his elbows into the face of Ferguson and before the round comes to an end Bedford seals the deal with a few hammerfists.

Johnny Bedford win by Unanimous Decision and Team miller goes up 2-0

Up next weeks is not one but two fights!

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