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TUF Live Recap: Team Faber looked to retain control in Episode 5

Coming off the Miles Jury vs. Al Iaquinta bout last week that saw Team Faber secure their first win, Coach Urijah Faber selected Jeremy Larson of team Cruz to face Michael Chiesa of team Faber. Cheisa has been itching to fight since coming back to the house after attending his father’s funeral and looked to keep the control with team Faber. Larson was the last pick by Dominick Cruz and what better way to show it was a mistake then by winning back control for Team Cruz.

Michael Chiesa’s good friend and training partner Sam Sicilia just happens to be on team Cruz, so looking for any info to help Jeremy Larson Dominick Cruz attempts to get info out of Sicilia about his friend.

Kind of got Gout……..

Team Cruz’s Chris Tickle and Dominick Cruz don’t work well together and come to find out Tickle has gout, well sort of. Tickle has been seeing the TUF doctor about the toe and the doc says he has the “symptoms” of gout. Cruz wants to see for himself and calls out Tickle on if he wants to be here and if so, suck it up and quit complaining!

Tickle and Cruz is like Oil and Water, they just don’t mix. The consistent complaining from Tickle I’m sure doesn’t help the situation. Oh and for the record, Tickle didn’t have gout.

Background check: Jeremy Larson had to fight to get to school, fight to get home from school and basically just fight. So it was a natural evolution to the professional fight game. Oh ya and if it wasn’t for MMA he’d probably be in jail or worse. I think we’ve hear that tales once or twice before.

Fight Time: Michael Chiesa (Team Faber) vs. Jeremy Larson (Team Cruz)

The first round didn’t go the way Larson had hoped. The round had little to no stand up striking, Chiesa picked up Larson and slammed him to the canvas twice and dropped some ground and pound while there. Chiesa did hot Larson with an illegal knee while his knee was on the canvas but the referee didn’t deduct a point from the team Faber fighter.

Round two was a little bit better for Larson as there was much more striking and he was finding his mark. Chiesa wanted no part of that and went back to the takedowns, scoring a couple of brief takedowns and another slam. As the round nears its end Chiesa pulls Larson, takes his back and fishes for rear naked choke but the bells sounds and time runs out.

Michael Chiesa (Team Faber) wins by Unanimous Decision

Team Faber retain control and selected his fighter Joe Proctor to face Chris Tickle from team Cruz.

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