The season is halfway through the opening round and thus far Team Miller is dominating 4-0 heading into episode 5. With only four more opening round fights to go Team Bisping better start winning some fights or they will find themselves on the short end of the numbers game.

The show opens with Diego Brandao continuing to show that he is a bit of a loose cannon by yelling a Steven Siler following the Dustin Pague victory. Diego in his infinite wisdom decides it would be a good idea to punch a wall, prompting the ring leader (Bisping) to finally step in a clam his fighter down.

Mayhem Miller comes to the house and brings Dustin Neace a black cowboy hat very similar to the one Josh Ferguson who then coins the phrase “swagger jacker”. Miller pulls Siler aside and they devise a plan give Team Bisping the wrong info via the Mole. The “plan” will be for Siler to face Diego, but the real plan will actually be Dustin Neace vs. Akira Corassani.

The plan works to perfection and the mole (John Dodson) tells Team Bisping it’s going to be Diego vs. Siler. Bisping begins getting Diego ready and on weight to fight a fight that’s not really going to happen, yet.

With the help of a few other Team Bisping members, Josh steals Dustin’s cowboy hat for, well-being a swagger jacker. In the morning Dustin figures out his hat is gone and assumes it was Akira who did it. He throws a bunch of Akira’s stuff in the garbage, and then hangs it up for all to see in the kitchen. Things get worse at the gym when Dustin throws all of Team Bisping’s gear across the locker room. Akira and Dustin have words and Akira Challenges Dustin to a bare knuckle fight in the garden…..

Mayhem Miller calls Siler’s name first but Dustin steps in and walks forward showing everyone it was him that was fighting. Akira takes his shirt off and rushes Dustin which causes a mini riot. The two fighters start wrestling on the mats and Miller must pull off Akira while Bisping pulls off Dustin. After they separate Bisping mouths off two one of Team Miller’s assistant coaches and Miller steps in and backs Bisping up. Well that starts Bisping yelling at Miller as if Bisping had done no wrong.

Dustin Neace (Team Miller) vs. Akira Corassani (Team Bisping)

Round one: The two have a very long feeling out period Dustin misses with a spinning back something and Akira gets the fight to the ground. He moves to full guard and Dustin looks for a way out which comes via an ankle lock submission attempt. As Dustin cranks on the submission it looks as if Akira taps and Dustin even let’s go of the hold briefly, but the fight continues. With a minute left they are back standing and at the 20 second mark Dustin gets a round stealing takedown.

Round two: The two come out swinging and Akira puts Dustin against the cage and in the clinch. The two separate and continue trading until a left to the chin from Akira puts Dustin on his butt. Akira looks to finish the fight here but cannot as Dustin survives the round.

After the bell and before the decision, Bisping starts gloating and Akira stands in front of Dustin and the coaches showing off. That gets Dustin upset and heading towards Akira but Team Miller stops him before doing anything stupid. Bisping tells Miller to keep his fighters in check even though it is him and his fighters that need to be put in check.

Oh and by the way Akira won the fight via majority decision….

Interesting how the fighters on each team have taken on the coaches personalities.

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