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The Ultimate Fighter 16 Episode 8: Booze, Track and a Bite

| November 3, 2012 | Reply

TUF 16 Premiere 285x200 The Ultimate Fighter 16 Episode 8: Booze, Track and a BiteFallout from another poor fight and yet another horrible judge’s decision last week has this episode of The Ultimate Fighter 16 on a sour note. With everyone in shock over the decision, UFC President pops his top while Roy Nelson chastises him for the outburst.

The next morning White shows up at the house to deliver the news that they better start “fighting” because there has yet to be a finish and there is only one champion. He also warned them that there is no guarantee they will be fighting in the season finale, which is evident by the nearly full TUF 16 Finale fight card.

After the pep talk and being told he should have lost the fight from Dana White, Michael Hill decides to hit the bottle and boy did he ever. Ever popular Julian Lane gets involved too and you can see this night is not going to end good at all. Hill calls out Neil Magny who laughs at it, which only fuels the fire even more but out of nowhere Lane goes at Dom Waters and gets in his face. The attention quickly turns from Hill v Magney to what is about the happen between Lane and Waters. Lane becomes, to put things mildly, a crazy psycho as he bangs his head on the wall and yells in everyone’s face while trying to get Waters.

Somehow there isn’t a fight but what is left is one slightly embarrassed guy with a Mohawk the next morning.

Fight Announcement: Jon Manley from Team Nelson vs. James Chaney of Team Carwin.

It’s coaches challenge time: Track and Field style across five events, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, Long Jump and 400 meter dash. The winner of each of the first four events will get a 3 meter advantage in the 400 meter dash for all the marbles. Shane Carwin wins the four events and gets a 12 meter lead which he used to completely dominate Roy Nelson with in the 400 meter dash.

Fight Time:

Round one – The two meet in the center and right away Manley is getting the better of the striking, so much so that once they clinch Chaney pulls guard. Chaney slips the leg over for a triangle and Manley counters by picking him up and putting him against the cage, all while Chaney is locking in the triangle. Unable to shake Chaney the fight goes back to the canvas but it’s not tight enough and Manley punishes him on the ground before escaping right into full mount. From there he is able to secure a guillotine which quickly becomes very deep, so deep Chaney tries to bite his way out of the submission. It didn’t work and he is forced to tape.

Jon Manley wins via 1st rd. Submission

This leaves only Mike Ricci and Dom Waters remaining to fight on next week episode on The Ultimate Fighter 16.

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