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Ultimate Fighter ep. 10 recap

| October 29, 2009 | Reply

the night opened with the fight announcements, team Rashad picked Matt Mitrione vs. Scott Junk as fight one and Mike Wessel vs. Marcus Jones. The two coaches then decided to do the once an episode blow up hyping a fight that is not going to happen. Back at the house Matt “The rat” Mitrione is at it again telling his opponents Scott Junk that he had to fight him because Mike Wessel was scared of him. Junk and Wessel are friends so Junk told Wessel about this and the whole house then knew. Matt then gets into it withJon Madsen at the training session as Matt was mad that Jon said he was going to slap him. Matt gets all tough and yelling at Jon acting like a lunatic. The fighters in the house make a pool as to when the rat will snap and the games begin. Wes Sims dresses up as a ninja and sneaks up on Matt while playing basketball, he moves inside to play pool and the ninja follows. This gets Matt pissed and he threatens Sims who doesn’t seem to care as Matt goes to his room.

We move to the fight and neither touch gloves as they meet in the center of the octagon. Junk comes out throwing leg kicks but every time he does Matt would catch him with a shot to the face knocking Junk down. junk would lay there and Matt wanted no part of the ground. This went on for the first half of the round and by then they were both gassed and stood there throwing hay-makers until the round ended. Matt easily won the round but neither have anything left in the tank.

Round two starts and Matt’s mouth is wide open and his hands are at his waste, while Junk looks tired but has his hands up. Junk gets the take down a little over a minute into the round and does some damage but the ref stands them up with 2 minutes left. Both fighters are barley standing now but Matt seems to be landing more shots  even though there’s nothing behind them. The round ends and it could go either way. Junk got the take down but didn’t take advantage of it and while standing Matt landed more. Judges have their decision and Matt Mitrione wins 19-19, 20-18, 20-18.

Rampage storms off pissed at the judges throwing things and beating the shit out of the blue door. Clearly Rampage vs. The blue door is the best fight so far this season. Rashad is one fight away from going 8-0!

Nest week’s fight will be Marcus Jones (Rampage) vs. Mike Wessel (Rashad)

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