Rage in the Cage 144 full card results

IMGP1585 300x199 Rage in the Cage 144 full card resultsLast Saturday the Arizona based MMA promotion Rage in the Cage’s held its 144th event and the very first one with the adaptation of unified rules allowing for more exciting fights everywhere they go. This lead to a very exciting night full of brutal knockouts and submissions and only 2 fights out of 14 going past the first round ( one split decision / one round 2 TKO). The event was jammed packed with lively MMA fans and their new home hub at Wild Horse Pass Casino is the perfect arena to watch live MMA. Every fighter in every fight met in the cage and really went out of their way to put on a great show, and MMA Valor was proud to cover the event which is broken down below.

  • Fight one: Justin Franco fighting out of Gracie Arizona won via rear naked choke 1:15 into the first round against JD Masterson (freestyle).  JD was the youngest fighter of the night but held his own against a stronger and heavier fighter in Justin.  The beginning of this fight was mostly clinch work until Justine shot a nice double leg to side control on JD. Justin had good ground and pound forcing JD to give up his back and the choke ending the fight swiftly in the first round.
  • Fight two: Clint Gower out of the MMA Lab won via arm bar 1:31 into round one over Bryan Donovan (Shaolin Kung Fu). Clint controlled this fight and dictated where it went. Both fighters were very athletic making for some explosive striking from both fighters.  Once Clint shot a takedown the pace picked up. His ground and pound was begging for the ref to stop the fight but an arm was left up in defense and easy cranked into an arm bar.
  • Fight three:  Brandon Gay started off Arizona combat sports flawless night with a second round TKO win over Jesse Cooper which came just 27 seconds in. The first round was back and forth exchanges where both fighters were rocked. It was a tough battle and once the bell rung in the first both fighters looked exhausted. In the second round both fighters came out hard and refreshed but Brandon’s stamina was a bit more and his knees took the fight out of Jesse eventually dropping him with mixed strikes and a refs stoppage.
  • Fight four: Roger Davis from Taz MMA won via KO just ten seconds into round 1 over Jared Hoover from roll gear garage. Rage in the Cage has never seen a quicker knockout and it was brutal! The first exchange Roger got his distance and Jered backed up worried, and when he came in for another telegraphed punch Roger counter connected with his chin sending him out cold on the mat. Roger sent the crowd to their feet quite quickly and I’m sure we will see him again quite soon.
  • Fight five:  Alex Moore fighting out of Undisputed won via guillotine choke 1:07 into round 1 over Jeff Baldonado ( Team Sacrifice) Alex had the better striking of the two and it appeared that Jeff was a wrestling based fighter. Alex was shortly tied up and during a takedown attempt scored a successful guillotine choke.
  • Fight six: Justin Purcell out of Arizona combat sports continued his team’s success with a first round rear naked choke over William Cain (freestyle).  Justin came out with a strong straight jab exactly what his corner was yelling out for. It dazed William and Justin went for the easy takedown. A scramble on the mat took place and Justin sunk in a rear naked choke as soon as he took Williams back.
  • Fight seven: Larry Robertson is a 50-year-old Greco-Roman fighter that trains at RITC training center and loves to fight. He took down Joshua James (Martial Way) about 15 seconds into the first round and passed to mount. The fight was stopped and ruled a TKO 1:03 into round 1.
  • Fight eight: Efrain Aranda from Debrazil Academy won via TKO 1:55 into round one over Dan Guthrie(tap out)
  • Fight nine: Manny Guajardo from Knights Muay Thai won via rear naked choke over Koey Perdue (Corona Martial Arts). Manny had much better striking and it was known after about 30 seconds in. Koey went for a takedown over and over and scored a few but when the position was reversed leaving the rear naked choke open for the pickings 2:54 into round one.
  • Fight ten: Clifford Starks out of Arizona Combat Sports won via TKO 1:23 into round one over Mike Heidenreich (freestyle). Clifford was working nice body to head combo strikes and eventually caught mike sending him to the mat. Clifford worked his ground and pound breaking Mike’s nose Rich Franklin style and the ref stopped the fight 1:23 into round 1
  • Fight eleven: Jeff Thornton from Arizona Combat sports won via rear naked choke 1:27 into round one over Antonio Fitzgerald (freestyle) This fight was fireworks on the feet and Antonio pulled a guillotine about a minute in. It was not tight enough and Jeff managed to get Antonio’s back in the process sinking a rear naked choke and winning the fight.
  • Fight thirteen: Zack Surdyka out of Arizona Combat Sports won a split decision over Steve Eldridge. The fight was dominated early by Zack and I had a 10-9 for his first round. In the second it was a lot closer due to Steve’s wrestling and the third was defiantly won by Steve over a gassed out Zack. I had it 29-28 Steve Zack the Refs had it 29-28 Zack. Very close fight by two hard-working fighters.
  • Fight fourteen:  Matt Lucas (the pit) claims the RITC LHW belt over Roe Harris (Debrazil Academy). Roe was a very tough fighter who seemed to have a granite chin and hit hard while standing. Matt took Roe down early in the first passing to a crucifix hold and teeing off. Roe hung in there but could not escape forcing the ref to stop the fight 1:31 into round one.

Great night of fights here in Arizona and the fans will really need to start attending more often due to the new rule change allowing strikes on the ground and up kicks from the back to standing fighters.  Please be sure to check the pictures section for complete event coverage.

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